RadNet Air Monitoring

The federal United States Environmental Protection Agency deploys radiation air monitors in every US state (except South Carolina and Wyoming), Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.. Gamma data can easily be found on the EPA RadNet Data website. For beta, however, the US EPA states that “near real-time beta monitoring results frequently do not pass quality control criteria due to local radiofrequency interference.” In order to view “reviewed and approved near-real-time beta air monitoring data”, one must use the EPA’s a query tool, which is not user-friendly. To make it possible to view both gamma and beta monitoring data more easily, EnviroReporter.com has compiled the US EPA’s beta and gamma monitoring data graphs for the following locations. The graphs are generally updated daily. US EPA notes that there may be large gaps in beta data.

As of July 9, 2013, 123 cities were covered with 60 operative beta graphs and 123 gamma graphs. That means 63 USEPA RadNet beta stations were down as of that date. A January 19, 2014 tally of working beta graphs finds the number down to 42 with an astonishing 81 offline. However, an April 13, 2014 count found 46 beta stations functioning.

Loss of these stations is an unacceptable state of affairs not that the EPA, or any government agency for that matter, seems too concerned about it. Beta radiation presents the most dangerous threat from man-made sources like Fukushima Dai-ichi’s ongoing triple nuclear reactor meltdown.

The system is run by volunteers according to the US EPA’s “Day in the Life of a Rad Sample.” EnviroReporter.com will continue to monitor RadNet to make it possible for the public and government to have quick and easy access to this important data.

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EPA RadNet unit can detect gamma and beta radiation