A Whole HEPA Trouble #1

January 22, 2012

After 42 days of air filtering at Radiation Station – Santa Monica, we did our periodic cleaning and testing of our Honeywell and Kenmore Plasmawave HEPA filter air cleaners. Taking into account that there was no hot rain and no radon progeny in that rain, this spot check was pretty high. According to a Nevada accident report obtained by EnviroReporter.com, a hazardous material incident’s tripwire is three times background for any subject media, or 300% of normal. This clearly exceeds that. The aggregate testing for the combined dust of the machines was even higher at 538% of normal.

The Numbers:

7:00pm SPOT TEST OF HONEYWELL/KENMORE HEPA FILTERS: ~146 CPM^ or ~351% of previous background HIGHER
5:50pm 10-minute INTERIOR background average: 41.6 CPM^

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  1. GSnyder says:

    Amazon.com has Geiger Counters

  2. kgmetcalfe says:

    where are these meters your using available?

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