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Five Years

Five Years celebrates its Five Year Anniversary by looking at the beginnings of this investigative reporting and where its headed as we confront the reality of multiple meltdowns an ocean away and a government that assures the public there is no chance for radioactive exposure. Despite the grim outlook, miracles do happen, and the accomplishments of this website, totally $6 billion in saved land because of toxic contamination issues.

HEPA Filter - May 13, 2011

HEPA Filter – May 13, 2011

Check out our testing of two Hepa filters’ dust on May 13, 2011. All tests are over background.

Rain - May 9, 2011

Rain – May 9, 2011

I took a ten minute average of a rain sample gathered May 9, 2011. 10:00 pm 10-minute RAIN PRECIPITATE SAMPLE measured inside average: 54.4 CPM. 54.4 – background of 38.2 CPM = 16.2 CPM over background. 16.2/38.2 = 0.424 or 42.4% above background.