HEPA part 1 and 2 – May 13, 2011




6:00 – 7:45 pm Exterior HEPA FILTER DUST checks at two months. Honeywell Hepa filter: 6:00 pm – Two sustained spikes on two separate filter locations >121 CPM or 121/43.2 = 2.8 times over background; Exterior background at 6:30 pm: 43.2 CPM; Honeywell Hepa filter dust accumulation average at 7:15 pm: 60.5 CPM; Kenmore Hepa filter dust accumulation average at 7:25 pm: 57.3 CPM; Total Hepa filter dust accumulation at 7:40 pm: 62.3 CPM. 62.3 – 43.2 = 19.1 CPM over background which equals 19.1/43.2 = 44.2% over background.

HEPA part 3 – May 13, 2011



I took apart the two Hepa filters, one a Honeywell and the other a Kenmore, and took a toothbrush to them to remove the dust and debris from the outer filters. Prior to this, I had held the Honeywell filter aloft with one hand and rotated it while detecting with the Inspector with the other. Two spots read consistently at about 121 Counts Per Minute (CPM). By removing the dust in the way I did, there was bound to be a substantial loss of fine dust particulates in the filter I did not have the adequate equipment to vacuum out and measure. That implies that the actual amount of radiation in the filter dust was higher.

HEPA part 4 – May 13, 2011



I tested the contents of each Hepa filter separately and then the two dust samples together which gave the highest radiation reading averaged over ten minutes.

HEPA part 5 – May 13, 2011



If we had not bought these Hepa filters soon after the multiple meltdowns began, Denise and I would have been breathing this airborne goo. This simple test shows that even with fairly “normal” rad readings at Radiation Station for the last two months, something still was captured in these Hepa filter air cleaners, something dangerous but discounted by the Environmental Protection Agency leaving citizens facing exposure to fission products with no action taken by their government.

These sometimes expensive devices can be used to control your air, one of the 4 C’s to surviving what has been visited upon the Japanese and people around the planet: Control your air. Control your water. Control your food. Control yourself. We will be detailing the 4 C’s in future material on EnviroReporter.com.

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