Waxman Document 78

This report was prepared by Santa Ana, California-based URS Greiner Woodward for Coastal Safety & Health Services of Hermosa Beach, California. The purpose of the report was to test the old and new fill through the analysis of three borings into the ground at a depth of 5, 15 and 30 feet below ground surface.

P. 5/76:

This page of the URS report shows that 134,000 cubic yards of soil used in the construction of Brentwood School’s athletic complex came from dirt that was located beneath a helicopter landing pad on West LA VA land located south of Wilshire Boulevard, which bisects the VA campus. Several reports, including MicroTech’s in 2005, note that at least some of the soil was contaminated with diesel fuel. The irony of moving possibly-contaminated soil to an area already polluted by heavy metals, and possibly radioactive biomedical waste, is notable.

P. 8/76:

Copper, lead, ethylbezene, Xylenes, and TPH-diesel were detected in the samples with the highest lead amount in a sample 15 feet below ground surface.