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Hiroshima and Nagasaki Commemoration

Los Angeles Area Disarmament Coalition holds commemoration of 64th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The event includes “mindful walk” to City Hall.

Eating Trammell Crow?

The property will not need an EIR which would have, among many other things, determined the condition of the sewer system under Corporate Pointe at West Hills.


Why Boeing would mischaracterize the number of trucks going down into the San Fernando Valley and not volunteer to have environmental protections during this clean up?

Goo To Go

Thousands of truckloads of toxic cargo could rumble through the San Fernando Valley over the lifetime of the Rocketdyne cleanup, scheduled for completion in 2017.

Runkle Rousing

State project manager for the KB Home/DTSC cleanup agreement, Norm Riley, said nothing about public input he’d received, including the Radiation Rangers’ response plan comments.

More Meltdown Man

“They had two broken fuel rods they had to remove from the reactor core. The last one pulled and fell on the floor before they could get it into the lead cask, and contaminated the High Bay area.”

Merry Widow Health Mine

Being vacation season, we thought we’d check up on the Merry Widow Health Mine in Montana for you folks searching for an exciting and hot place to visit with the family.

Reading Writing & Radiation

The knowledge offered by the Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council and Technology Innovation Program is a must for those folks keen on understanding Rocketdyne contamination.

The Gloves Come Off

“What you don’t know is that in these secret negotiations that have gone on the last seven months, DOE, NASA, and Boeing have been resisting complying with that law and attempting to break the promise that they made to the Congress.”

Meltdown Denier

Who has the time to actually go to a source when you can just be it yourself and impersonate reporters all in an effort to deny Rocketdyne’s 1959 meltdown? Chris Rowe does.

Heart Attacks or H-Bombs?

New York Times short-shrifts weapons-grade uranium news angle about cardiac drug production that puts world further at risk of nuclear proliferation. Clueless reporting.

Runkle Park – Build it and they will bum

Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District, looking at a $1.5 million shortfall in its upcoming budget, plans to drop $1.5 million on a “Runkle Park” with no mention of the pollution problems.