Hi Michael,

I hope that the information below is helpful:

–The health and safety of our students and all users of the athletics fields at our campus is our paramount concern;

–Accordingly, when the school developed athletics facilities on property that it shares with the Veterans Administration, safety measures were put in place, including having a safety inspector on site throughout the excavation;

–When any solid waste was discovered on the upper bench, it was removed to an area outside of the shared property and disposed according to regulation;

–Later, in response to your publications and inquiries, the school contracted Environ to conduct extensive testing for radionuclides, hydrocarbons, VOCs, and various heavy metals, including arsenic and thallium. Thallium was not detected and arsenic was not found in concentrations above normal background levels.

The school is satisfied that due diligence has been performed on the shared property and that conditions are safe for everyone who comes on to the property.

Michael Pratt