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New Year Yom Kippur Brandeis-Bardin – Joe Utsler 2007


46. Page 45/59: “Chemicals investigated within the active Brandeis Bardin Campus areas are within the range of local background.”

[ER NOTE: FALSE – See 4D and 6B.]

47. Page 45/59: “Levels of radionuclides at the Brandeis Bardin property are within the range of local background.”

[ER NOTE: FALSE – See 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D & 3E.]

48. Page 45/59: “Any data demonstrating a threat to human health at Brandeis Bardin or any other areas from SSFL would result in DTSC taking immediate actions to stop that threat.”

Even though the AOC between DTSC and DOE includes responsibility for Brandeis-Bardin cleanup of radiation and chemicals, DTSC has jettisoned even entertaining adherence to that part of the deal. Remediating Area IV’s radiation and chemicals to background levels as part of a restoration to a safe natural environment, has been the agreement since 2010 yet, as this EnviroReporter.com analysis shows, Brandeis-Bardin doesn’t get the BTV level of cleanup. What it does get is a DTSC “white paper” riddled with mistakes, falsehoods and sleights of hand built on seven pillars of prevarication dissected and analyzed in this document.]

49. Page 56/59: “Figure 3 • Strontium-90 (pCilg) Soil Analytical Data Compared to the SSFL Soil – Residential (without produce consumption) Risk-Based Screening Level (RBSL)”

EnviroReporter.com wrote of this completely misleading map in Brandeis-Bardin’s Toxic Denial:

“At an April 12, 2016 meeting, DTSC produced a presentation [pp. 28-30 PDF pages; 6.4 MB] stating that Brandeis-Bardin is safe. The presentation included maps showing both Sr-90 and Cesium-137 (Cs-137) migrating offsite into Brandeis, but declared the contamination posed no threat according to what it claimed was a residential Risk-Based Screening Level (RBSL.)

“Problem was that the standard of 3.85 picocuries per gram (pCi/g) for Sr-90 that it used, apparently provided to DTSC by Boeing, was thousands of times less protective than the current EPA Residential Preliminary Remediation Goal of 0.00121 pCi/g. DTSC falsely declared almost of all the Strontium-90 in Area IV to be to be less than a residential risk-based standard, when in fact they are almost all above it. DTSC also should not have applied any risk-based standards to Area IV, since it is under the Administrative Order on Consent (AOC) to be cleaned up to background.”

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