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2012/01/21 at 12:17 pm
Hello again from Harrisburg NC.Rains continue today.Test sample taken the same way off car windshield with Inspector+ 10 min CPM
12:22 pm….162.6 CPM [3.77 x BACKGROUND]
43.1 CPM background
Something unusual today ..maybe??….Usually samples on white napkin are clear rain leaving the sample still white (and sometimes with dirt mixed in) but on swiping I noticed napkin had a YELLOWISH tint to it…I said “thats unusual!”…..then I thought of the discussion yesterday and questioned “Is it sulphur?” Maybe? hmm…. so I double plastic bagged it….in case for “I dont know what!”

2012/01/20 at 4:51 pm
Hello everyone from Harrisburg NC.

Tonight’s rain sample report at 5:40 pm off car windshield using Inspector+ 10 min CPM. Overcast/showers
156.7 CPM………37.4 CPM background inside [4.19 x Background]

Just to make it clear ALL my background reports are taken at same spot as sample readings UNLESS stated as “outside.”

Great discussion but a little outa my league. Have a Great weekend.

2012/01/14 at 10:14 am
Hello from Harrisburg NC.Reading off car using Inspector+ 10 min TOTAL CPM count for 1/11/12..Overcast/showers all day

Taken around 1 pm
1…133.8 CPM [343% over background]
2… 39.0 background

2012/01/10 at 7:31 am
Good morning from Harrisburg NC.Yesterday 1/9/12 overcast rain off/on all day. Took sample off car with my Inspector+ 10 min

TOTAL CPM @ 2:35 pm
1. 134.5 CPM
2. 37.9 background

2011/12/31 at 8:36 am
Greetings from Harrisburg NC. Here’s the last rain report here using 10min CPM Inspector+….for 12/27…gray/cloudy intermittent showers. Taken at 12:05 pm

1. 428.9 CPM—-background – 35.5 CPM [12.1 TIMES BACKGROUND]
flipped over sample napkin off car for
Hope ALL of you are preparing for 2012 (food/gold/silver/water/guns BIBLE)…Predicted to be worst year in history so far

2011/12/21 at 12:39 pm
Hello from Harrisburg NC…Been mostly gray/overcast last month. Sparse rain. Rained off/on today. Have results on 2 showers

1st..10;35am….124.3….background 33.2 [374% OVER BACKGROUND]

2nd..12;15 pm…197.2….”””””””””” 33.5 [589% OVER BACKGROUND]

2011/12/07 at 2:46 pm
40 min rain shower today in Harrisburg, NC ending 12 30 pm

105.5 CPM…..Background 35.4 CPM. from test sample using Inspector+ 10 min test [298% OVER BACKGROUND]

2011/11/20 at 1:41 pm
Hello from Harrisburg NC just NE of Charlotte and waaayy! west of that Brunswick monster. Here’s month of November rain showers so far

11/9…1st shower…213.7 CPM….11;40 am [648% OVER BACKGROUND]
…2nd shower…489.3 CPM…. 12;10 pm [14.82 TIMES BACKGROUND]
11/16…357.3….12:15 pm [10.82 TIMES BACKGROUND]
All with Inspector+ 10min………Average CPM is 33-34 CPM

2011/08/24 at 5:28 am
Updates from Harrisburg NC….All are 10 min Total timer divided by 10 for CPM… #1 is napkin sample and #2 is sample flipped over. All are from rain showers. Been very busy but will try to put these tests on YouTube to verify:

#1. 228.4 [6.92 x BACKGROUND OF 33 CPM]]
#2. 176.2 [5.34 x BG]
2nd shower
#1. 351.2 [10.64 TIMES BACKGROUND]
#2. 282.1 [8.55 x BG]

#1. 181.6 [5.50 TIMES BACKGROUND]
#2. 152.9 [4.63 x BG]

#1. 423.2 [12.82 TIMES BACKGROUND]
#2. 389.8 [11.81 x BG]
2nd shower
#1. 378.1 [11.46 x BG]
#2. 288.7 [8.75 x BG

#1. 227.4
#2. 188.5
2nd shower pm
#1. 240.9
#2. 194.3

#1. 328.7
#2. 311.7
refolded napkin 2nd time
#1. 343.0

Average is about 33 CPM of test area.

2011/08/09 at 4:55 am
On 8/8 a thin /light shower lasting about 20 min

#1. 236.5 CPM at 9:33 pm
#2. 230.4 CPM at 9:44 pm

2011/08/09 at 4:52 am
Continued on 8/6 thunderstorm/black sky/moving N to South direction
#1. 215.4 CPM at 7:18pm
#2. 319.3 CPM at 7:40pm
Then walked outside to car and checked front window/moonroof at CPR and got 210 CPM and 192 CPM

2011/08/09 at 4:45 am
Hello again from Harrisburg NC. On 8/5 a double test of 3 storms were recorded using INSPECTOR 10 min Total count (see below for details on how tests are taken)

1st sprinkle 12:30am
#1.160.3CPM taken 1pm
#2. 147.9CPM ” ” 1:30 pm

thunder shower (lasted 1/2/hr)
#1. 363.0 CPM 1:50 pm
#2. 291.2 CPM 2:05 pm

2nd thunder shower
#1. 202.1CPM 3:05 pm
#2. 160.3 CPM 3:20 pm

2011/07/24 at 4:03 pm
Hello again. Here is SHORT CPM report of 2 thunder showers today earlier this afternoon. I tried to email a longer report earlier but upon sending my PC locked up and on restarting it looks like I lost the info….sooo….Here is a short report. See below as to HOW/WHAT I take/test samples 1st CPM of sample 2nd CPM is FLIPPED OVER napkin sample.

1st shower
200.7 CPM======179.7 CPM

2nd shower following the other
154.1CPM======218.2 CPM napkin sample flipped over

2011/07/21 at 3:24 pm
Hello again….Been hot/humid/gray overcast today. A light to moderate 20 min rainshower started around 2:50pm. Collected rainwater on double folded napkin off car windshield. ALL tests here with INSPECTOR+ 10 min TOTAL TIMER.I made 4 tests from 3:15 to 3:40 PM
1st off car windshield…..333.2 CPM
2nd Flipped over napkin…..342.0 CPM
I went out to car for a NEW sample from drops left on car body as most have evaporated by now
3rd. 258.6CPM
4th . flipped over napkin…241.2 CPM
At the end I put a piece of paper between detector/sample and the TICKS slowed down only a slight bit.
Then I put the INSPECTOR wipe test plate in place and TICS were very sparce AND I moved testor away and it seemed to be the same….meaning MINIMAL gamma as the test plate blocks alpha/beta..Correct me if Im wrong
Measuring just the rainwater seems useless You MUST take a sample on a napkin ASAP after rain and put INSPECTOR AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE without touching or contaminating it with samples
Will continue to update rainshowers here in Harrisburg NC

2011/07/21 at 6:00 am
Hello…I’m in Harrisburg North Carolina. Received my NEW INSPECTOR+ & started taking readings inside/some outside my home on 5/24/11…and some RAIN samples with VERY HIGH readings.

I use the 10 min TOTAL TIMER readings then divide by 10 for CPM. Average inside reading about 34 CPM…On 7/2 tested small area house intake filter (forced air heat) for 116.9 CPM. [3.44 TIMES BACKGROUND]

Filter put in NEW 6/29…..Next RAIN SHOWER readings with napkin off SAME car windshield ALL samples…..6/28—186.4 CPM [5.49 x BG]

7/4/11 two separate tests/2 rain showers app. 15 min later= 1227.0 CPM [36.08 x BG]… 2nd shower new test 1047.0 CPM [30.79 x BG]

7/7/11 – 211.0 CPM [6.21 x BG]

7/13/11 3 tests = 294.8 CPM [8.67 x BG] –2nd 284.5 CPM [8.37 x BG] then 3rd 1hr-25 min later 2nd shower = 185.6CPM [5.46 x BG] THEN I flipped over napkin to opposite side and got 233.9 CPM [6.88 x BG]

I have since discovered that my 7/4 readings [were taken at] the same time there was a 100 gal leak @ V C SUMMER nuclear plant in South Carolina just about 2 1/2 hrs SW of me. THEY said spill NO PROBLEMS as usual. I remembered watching the thunderstorms come in from the southwest (where THIS plant is!!!) so my question is WERE these HIGH LEVELS from V C SUMMER AND COVERED UP??? or FUKASHIMA?? COINCIDENCE OR WHAT????

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