Radiation Station Graphs
EnviroReporter.com‘s Radiation Station continues to operate uninterrupted 24/7 since it began operation on the Ides of March, four days after the March 11, 2011 triple meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors complex in Japan.

These graphs by Radiation Station graph artist Dale Ramicone give an excellent idea of the range radiation readings we’ve taken since March 15, 2011. Included are in-situ multimedia tests as well.

March 11, 2016: Five years the triple meltdowns at Fukushimi Dai-ichi Japan began. Since then EnviroReporter.com has produced more than 8,383 special tests and original reports including 3,013 measurements and analyses from nine affiliated Radiation Stations and 5,364 samples and radiation experiments from Radiation Station Santa Monica California. EnviroReporter.com has over 2,091,714 readers and 1,577,392 viewers along with the 23,497 people who have seen Radiation Station Glendale California‘s continuous online streaming. Over 203,920 viewers have watched 98 original videos on our YouTube channel and we’ve received tens of thousands of Facebook ‘likes’ for our site, investigations and Facebook channel. Thank you for your interest and support.

A couple of the graphs overlap in time frame but are included to give a more detailed look at certain time periods. Newest to oldest graphs from top to bottom and are self-explanatory.

SEE SPECIAL RADIATION STATION TESTING of food, drink, rain, and other media conducted by EnviroReporter.com across Los Angeles and the Southwest United States.

Check our Live Radiation Station often to monitor radiation in Los Angeles.

Interior Radiation Station 7-23-11 thru 9-06-11

Exterior Radiation Station 7-13-11 thru 9-06-11

Interior Radiation Station 5-23-11 thru 7-12-11

Exterior Radiation Station 3-21-11 thru 7-12-11

Interior Radiation Station 4-03-11 thru 5-26-11

Exterior Radiation Station 3-21-11 thru- 4-08-11

Interior Radiation Station 3-15-11 thru 4-08-11