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2013/05/23 at 7:44 am
Good morning from East Los Angeles, CA
10 minute ambient average readings at 7:00am
interior 42 CPM
exterior 43 CPM
all normal ambient levels on the east side of town

Buenos dias desde el este de los angeles, ca
nivel ambiental
interio 42 CPM
exterior 43 CPM
todo normal en East Los

WB Johnson Instruments GSM-500+”pancake” probe

2013/05/22 at 11:03 pm
Greetings from East Los Angeles, CA
10 minute average integrate at 10:15pm
exterior-40CPM all within normal range

Nivel ambiental de radioactividad a las 10:15pm
Todo los niveles estan normales

WB Johnson Instruments GSM-500

2013/05/18 at 8:12 am
Good morning from East Los Angeles, CA.
10 minute average
internal at 7:30am 39 counts per minute
external at 7:45am 45 counts per minute
all normal on the east side

Buenos dias, nivel de radioactividad ambiental son
interior a las 7;30am 39 Counts por minuto
interior a las 7:45am 45 counts por minuto
todo normal
WB Johnson GSM-500

2013/05/15 at 7:27 pm
East los angeles checks in with 47 CPM external 10 minute average and 45 CPM internal. All normal on the east side at 7:15pm

Nivel de radioactividad ambintal en el en el este de los angeles. 47 CPM-extrior
45 CPM en el interior. Todo normal a las 7:15pm
WB Johnson Instruments GMS 500

2013/05/13 at 8:19 am
Good morning from the east side of Los Angeles, CA
10 minute average atr 8:00m
interior-40 CPM
exterior-45 CPM
all normal background readings on this side of town with a 90+ heat forecast.

Buenos dias desde el este de los angeles. Nivel ambiental promedio de 10 minutos
interior-40 CPM
Todo nivel normal para esta area con un dia bastante caliente
Hasta Luego

WB Johnson Instruments GGM-500 contamination survey meter

2013/05/09 at 9:04 pm
East los Angeles reports rain. Internal 10 minute count 45 CPM. Tested rain sample towel for 10 minutes and was 101CPM. So 101CPM-45CPM=56CPM. Slightly above the average for this area. Must be some radon on the paper towel at 8:50pm

WB Johnson GSM-500+”pancake”

2013/05/07 at 5:07 pm
East Los Angeles checks in 40 CPM internal and 45 CPM external. This was a 20 minute average at 4:38pm.
All normal background levels for this area. We did not pick up any additional levels due to the light rain. See you next time.

Todo normal en el este de los angeles. 40CPM interior y 45 CPM en el exterior a las 4:38pm. Niveles de radioactividad ambiental normal para esta area. No detectamos ningun nivel arriba de lo normal con la lluvia ligera. Hasta luego.

WB Johnson Instruments GSM 500+”pancake”gm

2013/05/06 at 11:51 am
East Los Angeles checks in with 10 minute rain sample of 47 CPM which is normal background level. No radon progeny on the east side detected at 11:00 am May 6.

Nivel normales de radioactividad embiental en la lluvia. 47 Counts por minuto. Nivel normal a las 11:00 am 6 de mayo
Wb Johnson Instruments GSM-500+”pancake” probe

2013/05/05 at 8:30 am
East Los Angeles, CA 10 minute average integrate checks in with 43 CPM-interior and 45 CPM exterior at 7:45 am Sunday May 5, 2013. All readings within normal range. Cloudy skies with possible rain on the way. If it rains will take measurements.

El este de Los Angeles reporta nivel de radioactividad ambiental normal con 45 CPM en el exterior y 43 CPM en el interior a las 7:45 am 5 de mayo 2013. Nublado con possible lluvia.

Wb Johnson Instruments GSM500+”pancake”

2013/05/04 at 9:03 am
Good morning from East Los Angeles. Today the average 10 minute integrate internal count with pancake probe near window is 40 counts per minute at 8:30 am. All normal reading. Going to visit the Los Angeles Natural History Museum just south of downtown LA. Going to check out the mineral collection and see some of the natural radioactive minerals on display. Hope to write some CPM measurements from the samples on my pad.
Buenos dias desde el este de los angeles, ca
Nivel de radioactividad ambiental esta normal a 40 Counts por minute en 10 minutos promedio.

Wb Johnson Instruments GSM-500 + “pancake” gm detector

2013/04/30 at 9:39 am
East Los Angeles checking in this morning at 8:45 am 10 minute average integrate count April 30, 2013
interior 45 counts per minute-normal range
exterior 48 counts per minute-normal range

Reportando desde el este de los angeles nivel ambiental de radioactividad a las 8:45 am 30 de abril
10 minutos promedio integrado
interior-45 counts por minute-normal
exterior-48 counts por minutos-normal

survey meter: Wb Johnston GSM 500 & Pancake probe

2013/04/29 at 8:33 pm
Reporting from east los Angeles 10 minute average integrate
Interior-41 cpm
Exterior-42 com
time:7:30pm April 29,2013
Radioactividad ambiental en este de los angeles
exterior-42 cpm
Todo normal
Instrument:Wb Johnson gsm 500 with pancake probe

2013/04/29 at 8:16 pm
East los Angeles checking in with 10 minute average integrate 7:00pm April 29, 2013
interior-41 counts per minute-normal
exterior-43 counts per minute-normal
all within normal limits

radioactividad ambiental en el este de los angeles
interior-41 counts por minuto
exterior-43 counts por minute
Todo normal a las 7:00pm Abril 29, 2013

instrument: Wb Johnson GSM-500 with “pancake” probe

2013/04/28 at 9:59 pm
East Los Angeles checks in at 9:00pm with
interior 44 CPM-normal
exterior 42 CPM -normal
10 minute average integrate

El este de los angeles se reporta con niveles normales de radioactividad ambiental
interior-44 CPM-normal
exterior-42 CPM-normal
las medidas son por el tiempo de 10 minutos de promedio.

See you all next time, hasta luego amigos

WB Johnston GSM 500 and “pancake” probe

2013/04/28 at 8:08 pm
Reporting from East Los Angeles, CA
Time: 7:00pm April 28
exterior count probe at grass ground level. beta & gamma only- 60 counts per minute
interior-60 counts per minute
all reading within normal range

Reportando desde el este de los Angeles, CA
Hora 7:00pm Abril 28

nivel externo-60 counts por minute
adentr 60 counts por minute
Todo normal

WB Johnston GSM-500 with “pancake” probe

Sunday April 26 8:30am East Los Angeles, CA
interior 10 minute average integrate 42 CPM-Normal Range
exterior 10 minute average integrate 45 CPM-Normal Range

Nivel de radioactividad ambiental en area del este de Los Angeles Domingo 26 de Abril a las 8:30 am.
interior-42 CPM-normal
exterior-45 CPM-normal

Saturday March 27, 2013 at 6:30pm
location: East Los Angeles, CA
10 minute average integrate
interior- 42 CPM-normal range
exterior-46 CPM-normal range

Saturday March 27, 2013 at 12:58 pm
Hello from East Los Angeles CA
I’m located 6 miles east of downtown Los Angeles,CA
10 minute internal average integrate count
interior 47cpm-normal range
exterior 10 minute integrate count 40CPM-normal range

Hola nivel de radioactividad ambiental desde el este de los Angeles,Ca. Estoy a 6 millas de el centro de Los Angeles,CA
10 minutos promedio
interior 47CPM-normal
Time 12:41pm

Hector Vazquez measures background radiation in East Los Angeles Friday March 26, 2013 at 7:51 pm
I will post in English and Spanish with brief explanations. I will start with 10 minute internal/external and then measure foods and other stuff as I get more practice. I will send you some pics of my set up. I will be using a laboratory grade Johnson Instruments GSM-500 paired with the Johnson HP-265 “pancake” probe. The unit is a digital microprocessor instrument with analog readout. It has an integrate function which allows me to do timed counts. I can measure in CPM and dose rate with the flip of an external switch. Looking forward to posting readings.

Laboratory grade Johnson Instruments GSM-500 Johnson HP-265 “pancake” probe
East Los Angeles California

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