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Special Report by Peter Daley

Sun induced climate change is now occurring and will create huge planetary changes in the coming decades. There have been a large number of scientific papers presented on this subject. The evidence is that this will overwhelm the CO2 climate change warming narrative. This event will create a lot of instability on our planet.

The Sun is going into one of it’s quiet periods. The historic records show the Sun goes into a Maunder Minimum approximately every four hundred years. We are due for one, and there have been a lot of research paper releases recently that are pointing to us entering the beginning of one of these events. Historic records show that when a solar events like this occurs it results in dramatic worldwide weather changes, more political upheaval, empires die, more wars occur, plus there are large worldwide crop failures.

More Cosmic Rays

What this means is that the Sun is becoming far less radiant. A less Sun radiance means it’s heliosphere becomes much weaker. The heliosphere is a bubble-like region of space dominated by the Sun’s solar wind and magnetic field. It normally extends far beyond the orbit of Pluto. Plasma “blown” out from the Sun’s heliosphere acts as a shield, protecting the solar system and Earth from in coming intergalactic and galactic cosmic rays.

A much weaker heliosphere means more cosmic rays strike earth’s upper atmosphere.

The comic ray intensity will also increase because the Earth is moving out of the local cloud, which is the left over remnant of an old supernova event. The local cloud has also been providing some protection from galactic cosmic rays.

I have very sophisticated computer based radiation testing equipment, and a recent test of 34 grams of organic material caught in a local water tank inlet filter, resulted in the detection of a lot of isotope Beryllium-7 (Be-7).

This test indicates that a lot more cosmic rays are striking the upper atmosphere. The amount of Be-7 increases as more cosmic rays strike the upper atmosphere. It takes around two weeks for upper atmosphere Be-7 to work its way down to the surface.

Local Water Tank Filter Test

Here is a test of 34 grams of organic material caught in a local water tank inlet filter. (Click to see larger image)

Beryllium-7 going up in Earth atmosphere – graphic by Peter Daley

Be-7 can be created naturally in trace amounts by spallation in the upper atmosphere by cosmic rays. Lead Pb-210 is the decay daughter of naturally occurring Radon-222 decay. The fact is, this is a lot of Be-7 in a small 34 grams of material.

A contact found this research paper, and sent it to me. It shows that Be-7 production is tied to Solar cycles. As the Sun heliosphere diminishes, more Be-7 is produced in the upper atmosphere.


More Earthquakes and Volcano Eruptions

When we go into one of these quiet Sun periods the historic records show there is a significant up tick in earthquake and volcanic eruptions. The volcanic eruptions will release huge amounts of sulfur dioxide and particulate matter into the atmosphere, which will cause global cooling and significant weather changes.

I have set up a local live Radon monitoring station which has been operating here for years now. Towards the end of last year, and leading into this year, I have been getting these very large Radon spike detections at the local live Radon monitoring station, when the wind comes from the Pacific rim. These detections point to a significant up tick in volcanic and earthquake activity on the Pacific fault lines.

Radon going up in Earth atmosphere by Peter Daley

Weaker Magnetosphere

I have been a Sun watcher for many years, and know it was very unusual for the small solar storms that occurred in 2011 to produce Northern light displays, so far south in North America at the time. These unusual Northern lights displays indicated to me that the electrical dynamics of the upper atmosphere had been changed. In my opinion the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe was responsible for this upper atmosphere damage.

Huge amounts of Ionizing radiation released, and still being released from the Fukushima site, has significantly changed the electrical proprieties of the upper atmosphere. This has significantly altered the way solar wind energy is now distributed through earth’s atmosphere. Added to this, the earth’s magnetic field has weakened by 20% already, and appears to be weakening by around 10% per decade, plus this weakening may accelerate in the coming years.

What would have been considered relatively weak solar storms previously, are now causing more electrical equipment failure, and transformer fires around the world.

The combined effect of a weaker magnetic field, and the atmospheric ionizing radiation damage now means that a much much smaller solar event, one significantly smaller than a “Carrington Event of 1859”, could wipe out large parts of earth’s electrical infrastructure!

What does this mean to you?

If you are smart you will study the subject. With this knowledge you will make better decisions. You will become more aware of the new risks in the changing environment and take due care.

With the increasing cosmic ray exposure and a weaker magnetosphere, air crew and passengers will be exposed to lot more radiation exposure on long hall flights!

In this new environment, would it be wise to take a new born baby on a long plane trip to visit the grandparents in England?

There is now much more risk for that child because they will be exposed to significantly more intense cosmic rays for many hours while on this high altitude flight there and back.

Weather Changes & Extreme UV Levels

There will be extreme weather events. It will not just be heat records broken, but also extreme cold events. It will result in more severe storms, hail storms and lighting strikes, severe flooding, and record snow, as climate regions shift.

UV levels are already extreme here in summer, so the last thing you want to be doing is going to a lovely sandy beach with your family in the middle of the day in summer. If you are out and about in these extreme UV conditions, you should also be wearing, a wide brim hat, proper clothing, plus good quality wrap around UV rated sun glasses. If you don’t, you are more likely to develop skin cancers and eye cataracts.

These events are already occurring, and if you take the time to the research the subject, you will find numerous reports on the Internet.


It is officially recognized that the world is in a more dangerous situation now than during the Cold War!

World natural resources and food supplies will come under severe pressure, as a result of large crop failures and natural disasters. We have numerous nuclear plants around the world. These plants could become ticking time bombs in severe weather conditions and with increased volcanic and earthquake activity. I know that there is a lie being spread on the Internet that no one has died as a result of the ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe. Here is proof that it is a lie.


If a nuclear event or war broke out what would you do?

It is no use waiting till the last minute to find out what you need to do to increase your family’s chance of survival. Numerous countries around the world have recently been instigating civil defense education programs. Nuclear war or a nuclear accident are survivable if you have prepared and have researched the subject and know what to do to protect your family.


All these changes will mean you will have to be on your toes and have some preparations in place.

Modern society works on a system of delivery on time. This means there are no large stores of food items at the local supermarkets, plus if the local power goes down for any length of time, the water supply will stop. A freezing cold event can also take out the water supply as the water pipes burst from expanding ice as they freeze.

Sweden, Estonia, and other countries recently told their citizens to have extra food and water on hand in case of war or disaster. Some are recommending a week to a month or more of extra supplies. Here are some video instructions they provided. They also pointed out that their citizens will not be able to rely on their governments for help, if a major event occurs. Other countries have provided similar advice.

Here are links to lots of useful Internet services that will allow you to monitor environment conditions, plus provide you with information on preparations you should consider putting in place. If you have any suggested links to add to this list, please feel free to post a comment.

Earth Monitoring Sites & Emergency Preparation Guides

It is important to learn how these environmental monitoring sites work. They all have different site navigation systems, charting and measurement types. In an emergency you may not have time to work out how to find the relevant data you need, or what a particular environmental measurement means. Having some prior knowledge on how to navigate each site, plus what the levels mean, could be a life saver.

Free Emergency Preparation Guides

Red Cross RediPlan

Emergencies can happen at any time. This RediPlan is a free disaster preparedness guide that will get you prepared for any emergency in four simple steps.


Emergency and Disaster Information Service


Radiation Monitoring

International List of Radiation Monitoring Stations


Solar Monitoring

Current Solar Storm Data


Suspicious 0bservers daily updates on space weather


Learn about the Sun, The Sun Series by Suspicious 0bservers


Space Weather


Weather Tools

Nullschool 3D world Map, this service allows you to see location wind direction at different heights. You can rotate the 3D map by holding down your mouse on the map, and dragging. If you use your mouse’s scroll wheel, you can zoom the map in and out. If you click on the “Earth” item at the lower left corner of the Nullschool wind map page, a menu will pop up, that allows you to select the wind height.


Windy.com, another world wide weather service that is easy to use.


Australian Bureau Of Meteorology


Adapt 2030


UV monitoring

(Lots more out there if you do a search.)




EPA Sun Wise UV Index


UK and Ireland




Hong Kong



Scroll down the page for an interactive map to search by state and location.


New Zealand


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Earthquake Monitoring



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Volcano Monitoring

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