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[October 16, 2017 – While EnviroReporter.com‘s reporting on the Brentwood biomedical nuclear dump partially under Barrington Dog Park stopped then-President George W. Bush’s $4 billion plan to privatize and develop VA land, nothing has been remediated.]

In August of 1958, plans are completed for UCLA to receive an accident-proof nuclear reactor worth $203,350 from the Atomic Energy Commission. UCLA is one of the first universities in the country to receive the 10-kilowatt Argonaut reactor, which will run for more than 10 years on three kilograms of Uranium-235 loaned to UCLA by the AEC.

In March of 1981, the Argonaut research reactor is up for relicensing, while at the same time it comes under attack from a campus-community anti-nuclear group called Committee to Bridge the Gap. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recently denied the group’s petition to close down the reactor because of perceived safety risks.

In June of 1984, it is announced that UCLA will decommission its training and research reactor and that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been notified that UCLA will withdraw its application to renew the operating license for the reactor. The reactor operated safely from startup in 1960 through shutdown on Feb. 3, 1984 under pressure from Committee to Bridge the Gap.

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