Alfa test stand rocket firing at Santa Susana Field Laboratory in Southern California

Excerpt from NASA’s Last Stand:

Schafer was echoing NASA’s Burro Flats Historic District plan’s obvious falsehoods such as the “district retains all aspects of historic integrity” and that the “places still look very much as they did before the Europeans arrived; they have not been torn out or built over. They are a part of the local Native American identity that has endured into the twenty-first century.”

That ridiculous lie reflects the insidious influence of the Trump Administration where telling the most outrageous falsehood is somehow acceptable. NASA photographs imparted to this reporter when he joined NASA Section 106 Consultants in 2013, show just how impacted SSFL as seen in‘s NASA’s Last Stand Gallery. Rocket test stands dominate SSFL as does a giant mountain of high-tech garbage that NASA dumped over the decades in its area of the lab.

NASA’s Last Stand Gallery August 2020

NASA’s 2009 Historic Resources Survey includes these photographs sequenced and identified as such. Thanks especially to NASA Manager Merrilee Fellows for these photographs.

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