Bad Actor Chemical Headshots“Perchlorate’s exciting roles as an oxidizer in rocket fuel, explosives, airbags and fireworks sometimes makes viewers forget about her more insidious role as a contaminant in drinking water,” says the CHANGE coalition’s Bad Actors Chemicals report. “Her performances as a bad actor chemical interfere with iodide uptake into the thyroid gland, causing hypothyroidism in mothers, and negatively impacting proper childhood development such as decreased learning capability. While no one denies Perchlorate’s ability to light up the sky and screen, she’s been known to make her way into the drinking water sources for over 20 million Californians, and into the groundwater or soil of 43 states. Unfortunately, her ‘special effects’ aren’t contained, and are toxic to communities who unwillingly catch her performances in their drinking water!”

Perchlorate’s reputation is certainly explosive as evidenced by the strong reaction she got at the First Annual Toxies Awards and subsequent comments that has received since the March 3, 2010 event. Now that our audience’s fuse has been lit looking at this pretty poison, I thought it worthwhile to share a dedicated gallery of a real hot Toxie who threatens everyone who drinks her in California!

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