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Fracked Nation

Fracking Chemical Cocktail defiantly attends “The Toxies Exposed” premiere despite methane emissions, water waste, earthquakes and homeowner insurance cancellations.


EnviroReporter.com takes on Fracking Chemical Cocktail and Trichloroethylene. Reporter meets his match in “Frackie” where the chemistry sparks over drilling and fracking. Hot stuff!

Toxies Take Tinseltown

Second Annual Toxies Red Carpet Awards for Bad Actor Chemicals at Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Toxie Perchlorate is as explosive as she is hot and irresistible.

Five Years

EnviroReporter.com celebrates its Five Year Anniversary by looking at its beginnings and where its headed as we confront the reality of multiple meltdowns an ocean away.

No More Monkey Business

NASA backs off irradiating 18 squirrel monkeys in a $1.75 million experiment that our Pasadena Weekly/EnviroReporter.com investigation found was cruel and scientifically useless.