Disturbing readings from one of Radiation Station Central’s HEPA filters after just 30 days of use: 308% of normal background higher. Alpha and beta radiation captured by the filter can be attributed to the triple Fukushima Japan meltdowns, melt-throughs and melt-outs and the decision to begin burning 550,000 tons of radioactive debris in Tokyo from October to March, sending a double dose of radioactive fallout on the Jet Stream over the Pacific to land on America, Canada and beyond. Finding this high a level of radiation is considered dangerous by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Ingested alpha particles can be up to 1,000 times more dangerous than their beta and gamma counterparts.

Three times background was a threshold defined in a November 30, 2007 report for Region 9 of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The report, created by Walnut Creek, California-based Weston Solutions, Inc., was entitled “Preliminary Assessment/Site Inspection Report – Santa Susana Field Laboratory – Simi Valley, California.”

The lab, commonly referred to as SSFL or Rocketdyne, was the site of this country’s worst partial meltdown in 1959 when the Sodium Reactor Experiment (SRE) failed. The accident released up to hundreds of times more radiation than the Three Mile Island partial meltdown did in 1979 due in part to the SRE not being in a reinforced, airtight building.

The 2007 site assessment report was part of an extensive cleanup costing several hundred million dollars that is tentatively scheduled for completion in 2017. Part of it reads:

“A hazardous substance is considered to be present at a concentration significantly above background levels when one of the following two criteria is met: (1) the hazardous substance is detected in the contaminated sample, when not detected in the background samples or (2) the hazardous substance is detected in the contaminated sample at a concentration equal to or greater than three times the maximum background level, when detected in the background samples.” (Emphasis added)

Kenmore Plasmawave Hepa Filter air cleanerThe amount of radiation detected in the Kenmore Plasmawave HEPA air cleaner exceeded three times background after thirty days of use making a “concentration significantly above background.”

The alpha and beta radiation sucked from the air by the HEPA filter, if from Fukushima’s multiple meltdowns, would be much more dangerous than the background radiation that it is measured against in terms of ratios and multiples of background.

Natural background radiation is mostly cosmic radiation from outer space, terrestrial sources including air, water, soil, rocks, and vegetation. Man-made sources include continued fallout from above ground nuclear weapons testing over half a century ago, ‘fly ash’ from coal burning plants, and meltdowns.

Most of the background radiation measured in nearly 1,400 radiation tests conducted by since March 11, 2011, have been the result of gamma radiation which travels great distances and through objects like human beings. Gamma radiation can be stopped by large amounts of mass like lead.

Alpha and beta radiation behave altogether differently. While alpha radiation can be blocked by a piece of paper, and beta by foil, both are far more dangerous if inhaled or ingested.

Alpha isotopes are particularly dangerous because of their ability to inflict biological injury after entering living cells, about 20 times worse than beta or gamma on average. Alpha can be up to a thousand times more damaging than the same amount of beta or gamma.

Since the meltdowns began, we have detected both alpha and beta particle emitting isotopes in HEPA dust. High spikes in beta detection in Los Angeles correspond to our significantly above background test results though the U.S. EPA’s Radnet beta graph is offline presently. Access to government sampling and tests for radiation on available on‘s Resources page.


5:15 pm INTERIOR SPOT CHECKS OF THREE HEPA FILTERS‘s AGGREGATE DUST after 30 days of use in Radiation Station (VIDEOTAPED):
Waterpik Teledyne HEPA air cleaner/ionizer: ~60 CPM or 138% of previous background higher
Honeywell HEPA air cleaner: ~64 CPM or 147% of previous background higher
Kenmore Plasmawave HEPA air cleaner: ~134 CPM or 308% of previous background higher

4:50 pm INTERIOR SPOT CHECK OF HONEYWELL HEPA FILTER: ~96 CPM or 221% of previous background higher

4:45 pm 10-minute INTERIOR Radiation Station – Central background average: 43.5 CPM^


  1. Michael-San, thank you so much for your understanding and your this activity. Now, I’m evacuating in Singapore. Because, since after this fissure, I’ve had health problem which coughing, throut hurting, running nose. Also, in Fukushima, I’ve heard so many kids ate blood nose. Many people is getting sick in Japan. But some idiots are don’t cate about this radiation. But some people had gone for south of Japan. Even thigh, ad long as foods are radioated, it doesn’t really matter of the place or distance. I’m looking for a job in Singapore, coz I can’t live there in Tokyo. You know? I’m not married and single, but I want have a kids and raise them. It’s so crazy this life with radiation problem.

    Mr. Kan who is previous prime ministry had denied help from the US goverment. US was trying to solve this Fukushima accident. But he denied…

    I really don’t know what to do… It’s the most worst disaster, I think.

    Do you think American people will have some damage or sick from this radioactivity??

    Thank you and regards.

  2. @Emily et al: We absolutely are on your side, Emily. Please keep in touch with us and keep us up to date on life in Tokyo (and do send us photos related to this terrible disaster as seen from your personal experience if you want). You are not alone.

  3. Wow. Even in Los Angeles, radiation falls out there. But I will not surprise this. Because, Fukushima nuclear plant accidents are keep on going. Im living in Tokyo, and it’s getting worse. But I do surprise that many people is still living in Fukushima. JP government can’t do anything. So these Fukushima people is still making foods, rice. I know Japanese government want us die. They will kill us. Also, they never tell us the truth… So many stupid government in JP. Please help us!

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