Month: August 2007

Brentwood School athletic fields yards away from biomedical nuclear waste dump that remains unexcavated and properly disposed of.

Nuke ‘Em High

Syringes and medical waste, including low-level radioactive materials, were covered by fill material to depths of twenty to thirty feet or more at the Brentwood School on West L.A. VA land.

The City of Simi Valley tests Runkle Canyon on July 2, 2007

Spin Cycle

Ventura County Star and Simi Valley Acorn report Runkle Canyon as “safe” with continued fact-challenged coverage including a false alarm about copper. Hogwash reporting no surprise.

Rep. Waxman releases nuke dump docs!

Rep. Waxman releases nuke dump docs!

Congressman Henry Waxman’s office yields over 5,000 pages of Veterans Administration data about radiation dump under Brentwood School and dog park. analyzing treasure trove.