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Critical Runkle Canyon documents

This timeline presents an analysis of information generated by licensed laboratories that should trip DTSC guidelines to precipitate further soil, surface water and subsurface water testing in Runkle Canyon. This information was submitted to DTSC on July 3, 2008. * A small flag on the bottom represents an event that […]

Other Stories

OTHER ENVIRONMENTAL STORIES POSTS (Dozens from 2009 to present) Dozen of stories covering a panoply of issues including Farmers Field and the case of the missing perchlorate numbers in its EIR, Fracking Chemical Cocktail’s quest to frack the whole country, trichloroethylene in pepper sparay and space primate expose that helped […]



ROCKETDYNE LATEST NEWS (Dozens of Posts) Comprehensive coverage of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, home of the nation’s worst meltdown and astronomical contamination. ROCKETDYNE PHOTO GALLERY Photographs and maps of Rocketdyne then and now. Extensive collection unique for this historic Hot Zone. SELECTED ARTICLES & SERIES: CHINA SYNDROME TOWN […]

An October 2006 EPA-funded Simi groundwater report links Rocketdyne water to Runkle Canyon

Down the Test Tubes

KB Home’s lab Dade Moeller produces 10-page report showing strontium-90 radiation only a quarter of “background” for Runkle Canyon, a fraction of previous results. Hot zone hooey.