The following figures are associated with the subjects covered in the exposé Brandeis-Bardin’s Toxic Denial.

612 acre SSFL drainage to Brandeis-Bardin
8-07 SSFL drainages
1-20-16 Brandeis-Bardin monitoring wells
4-14-83 Rockwell fluoride spraying
Agencies & Laws governing SSFL – Clean Water Act
2013 Boeing Seeps Investigation Misses Ravine-Close Up
2013 Boeing Seeps Investigation Misses Ravine
Chemical Contamination in Brandeis-Bardin DOE 4-22-14
Dioxins PAHs phthalates – Brandeis-Bardin DOE 4-22-14
Chemical Contamination in Brandeis-Bardin DTSC 4-28-15
11-9-15 DOE Brandeis-Bardin seeps associated with Area IV
11-9-15 DOE showing Brandeis-Bardin radiation
11-2016 NASA groundwater report
Brandeis-Bardin OS-10 well with high radiation
2016 DTSC Strontium-90 map using wrong levels instead of background
Cesium-137 at 183 x background at SRE site above Brandeis-Bardin
4-12-16 SSFL bi-annual update-Page 30

24 Years of Award-Winning SSFL/Rocketdyne Reporting
June 1998June 2022