12-8-09 area observed tested

The day before, a Monday, was wiped out by rain making this day the beginning of the work week for the Core Probe crew out of San Gabriel. At first, it seemed like no one was at the site until a worker rolled a barrel down into the dump and the noise of far-off coring could be heard down the ravine south of Brentwood Theatre.

The crew was working far from the center of the dump and nearly out of sight. We had to use a larger map of the dump (right) than on previous days in these galleries to be even be able to get the distant testing spot on the map.

The questionable decisions made so far in the Phase Two $1 million testing are not accountable to anyone as far as EnviroReporter.com can tell. The VA didn’t share a work plan with the public, media or Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Los Angeles) as far as we know. Waxman, for that matter, did not bother to tell EnviroReporter.com and the LA Weekly of this testing either. The lack of transparency, combined with repeated VA conclusions that there is no contamination in the dump when their own reports say otherwise, can’t help but suggest that this million dollar boondoggle may be literally covering up more than radiation, chemicals and tombstones.