Resource Conservation Recovery Act Facility Investigations, or RFI groupings, are areas of the Santa Susana Field Lab that are characterized for contamination. Once this work is completed, the lead agency for the cleanup of Rocketdyne, California EPA’s Department of Toxic Substances Control, solicits public comment before final approval of each RFI’s work plan.

At least that is the way it is supposed to happen. Rocketdyne activists have told that Boeing has dismantled entire rocket test stands and complexes before this process even began. The result are vast swaths of Rocketdyne where investigation of probable contamination areas are obliterated and sometimes covered with “clean soil” before a full investigation is completed. The result is that some areas noted below may still contain radionuclides, chemicals, heavy metals, PCB, dioxins and polyaromatic hydrocarbons which could continue to leak this contamination offsite, the majority of which ends up flowing down into the Los Angeles River from Bell and Dayton Canyons in the west San Fernando Valley.

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