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P. 20/103:

“The subject property was listed on the Solid Waste Feasibility/Landfill…” meaning that the Brentwood School Shared Property, now their 20-acre athletic complex, was officially listed:

P. 24/103:

Based on interviews, in part, with “employees of private firms working for the VA and Brentwood School the following site conditions were ascertained: 1. The arroyo was used as the general disposal area for VA Hospital facilities up until at least the early 1970s. The nature, total quantity, and disposition of the refuse buried during the years of operation are unknown.”

When Brentwood Head of School, Michael Pratt, wrote in his letter to the parents and colleagues of Brentwood School that the PricewaterhouseCoopers “report was wrong to the extent it indicated that radioactive materials were ever buried under the school’s athletics complex,” Pratt must not have been aware of the following section of this report about his own school, which seems unusual at best.

Dr. Pratt also reflected this viewpoint in his letter to then-VA Secretary R. James Nicholson when he wrote “(L)ocal VA have officials have assured us that no such materials ever were buried under the land we share and that MicroTech simply made a mistake.”

P. 62/130:

10/22/56: “well marked waste containers and dumped and buried with at least 15 feet of dirt over the top of the dry waste.”

P. 63/103:

12/3/69: 50% of the dump animal carcasses and the last burial was 10/28/68

P. 64/103:

3/95: Groundwater is 14 to 25 feet below ground surface:

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