Bobby Shriver with Michael Collins Jan. 28, 2016

January 28, 2016 video related to Brentwood nuke dump burns as VA finalizes draft master plan published Feb. 9, 2016.

Michael Collins’ brief but stimulating interview with Bobby Shriver at the West LA VA’s January 28, 2016 celebration of the VA Secretary Robert “Bob” McDonald’s signing off on the new VA master plan that completely ignores the Brentwood biomedical nuclear and chemical dump on its property as already exposed in “West LA VA ‘master plan’ covers up its chemical and nuclear dump” at…


BOBBY SHRIVER: I’m concerned about many things that are not in the plan including the study of the underground utilities, the underground steam. There are many many things that need to be done and that’s why the plan is called the framework plan. Many studies need to be done before large scale development can happen here and that’s one of them for sure, obviously.”

MICHAEL COLLINS: The reason I’m bringing this up is that VA spent two million dollars studying this place due to our reporting. Confirmed the entire dump. Confirmed that plants are pulling up radioactive tritium and we raised the question ‘what if this place catches fire?’ and sure enough two days ago it did. All that radioactive smoke blew over the VA. Hence why…

BOBBY SHRIVER: … you’re doing this great reporting and keeping the pressure on people. It’s an American tradition. Give ‘em hell. All the best.

Michael Collins interviews VA Secr. Robert McDonald Jan. 28, 2016

January 28, 2016 video related to Brentwood nuke dump burns as VA finalizes draft master plan published Feb. 9, 2016.

Michael Collins interviewing Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert “Bob” McDonald and his homeless liaison Vince Kane at January 28, 2016 announcement celebration that he signed off on the VA’s new master plan which we wrote about a month earlier in “West LA VA ‘master plan’ covers up its chemical and nuclear dump” at…


Michael Collins: Secretary MacDonald, Michael Collins

Secretary McDonald: Hi Michael, how are you?

Michael Collins: How are you? In the master pan there’s no mention of the $2 million VA report on the biomedical nuclear and chemical dump that’s right over there behind this fence and we were wondering (BM now looking at VK who starts a ‘tude) why that would be left out.

Vince Kane: Are you referencing a prior plan?

Michael Collins: No, I’m referencing this plan.

Vince Kane: No in this plan we talk about VA’s review of the campus, what’s its current state and that being the plan that’s being published today.

Michael Collins: One comment about the nuclear dump by a person who commented. Other than that there’s nothing. (MC turning back to Secretary McDonald). And the reason I ask you is with such an elaborate and hopeful plan does it make sense to remediate this site that’s just right across the way here and dig it out before you continue the master plan? (Secretary McDonald shoots VK a look).

Vince Kane: The plan does call the appropriate NEPA reviews looking at the environmental…

Secretary McDonald: That’s the next step…

Vince Kane: … factors….

Michael Collins: I understand that…

Vince Kane: Now that the plan’s been approved we’re looking at past documentations and as we go through how and where we remediate the land to make it available for any of the services, those issues will be addressed in full before any actions are taken.

Michael Collins: I understand. Mr. Secretary, the two million dollar VA testing of this place took place in 2009 and 2010. They found high radiation. They confirmed what we expected what we exposed 10 years ago. They also talked about..

Secretary McDonald: Thank you for exposing it.

Michael Collins: Thank you. Radioactive tritium has been sucked up into the plants of this dumping area and we raised the concern ‘what if there is a brush fire?’ and two days ago. Most of the dump burned and tritium-infected plant material went up in smoke. Without getting into the details of NEPA, the actual process is, are you in favor of remediating this dump in order to make the master plan work as effectively…

Secretary McDonald: I’m in favor of making this the best possible campus for veterans.

Michael Collins: Would that include remediating this site?

Secretary McDonald: I’m in favor of making this the best possible place for veterans.

Michael Collins: Would that include…

Secretary McDonald: You need to understand me. I think I already said it.

Michael Collins. The two million bucks you folks spent. You know what’s in there.

Vince Kane: There’s reports and as the Secretary said the plan is make this the best campus possible and that we will use that information to make this the best campus possible.

Secretary McDonald: Let’s get this done quickly. (This means ‘let’s get out of here quickly not get the job of remediating the VA dump done quickly, just to be clear)

West LA VA’s Master Plan cover up of VA’s nuclear & chemical dump

December 16, 2015 video related to West LA VA ‘master plan’ covers up its chemical and nuclear dump published Dec. 17, 2015.

“Beautiful Brentwood park may contain toxic waste”
KTLA-Channel 5 News, December 16, 2009: Jaime Chambers examines Brentwood dog park subsequent to the publication of Michael Collins’ “Brentwood’s Toxic Grave” article in the LA Weekly. “Everything from needles to tombstones,” the segment begins. “An upscale park is sitting on decades of toxic waste. It used to be a dumping ground for everything medical waste. Now, decades later, it still hasn’t been cleaned up. The park is in Brentwood next to the grounds of the Veterans Administration.”

“Nuclear Biomedical Waste Buried in Brentwood”
KCET-Channel 28, December 19, 2007: Biomedical nuclear and chemical dump buried on VA land in LA’s affluent Brentwood neighborhood prompts $1 million testing but not cleanup. KCET‘s “Life & Times” program, with Hena Cuevas, looks at‘s 6-year investigation of the dump that appears to also be buried under the athletic fields of exclusive Brentwood School which Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children attend.

“Barrington Dog Park Danger”
KNBC-Channel 4 News, May 25, 2006: Donna Tetrault covers breaking news of a nuclear and chemical biomedical nuclear dump in affluent Brentwood California. Dump is buried on Veterans Administration land under Barrington Dog Park, an arroyo and under the athletic fields of exclusive Brentwood School. Michael Collins shows radioactive glass he found in dump and tests it on camera with a nuclear radiation monitor.