“Beautiful Brentwood park may contain toxic waste”
KTLA-Channel 5 News, December 16, 2009: Jaime Chambers examines Brentwood dog park subsequent to the publication of Michael Collins’ “Brentwood’s Toxic Grave” article in the LA Weekly. “Everything from needles to tombstones,” the segment begins. “An upscale park is sitting on decades of toxic waste. It used to be a dumping ground for everything medical waste. Now, decades later, it still hasn’t been cleaned up. The park is in Brentwood next to the grounds of the Veterans Administration.”

“Nuclear Biomedical Waste Buried in Brentwood”
KCET-Channel 28, December 19, 2007: Biomedical nuclear and chemical dump buried on VA land in LA’s affluent Brentwood neighborhood prompts $1 million testing but not cleanup. KCET‘s “Life & Times” program, with Hena Cuevas, looks at‘s 6-year investigation of the dump that appears to also be buried under the athletic fields of exclusive Brentwood School which Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children attend.

“Barrington Dog Park Danger”
KNBC-Channel 4 News, May 25, 2006: Donna Tetrault covers breaking news of a nuclear and chemical biomedical nuclear dump in affluent Brentwood California. Dump is buried on Veterans Administration land under Barrington Dog Park, an arroyo and under the athletic fields of exclusive Brentwood School. Michael Collins shows radioactive glass he found in dump and tests it on camera with a nuclear radiation monitor.