After watching this, the viewer may be mystified but it has to do with a serious situation we’ve reported on including in a March 5, 2009 LA Weekly article entitled “The Valley’s Galaxy of Goo.”

At 43 seconds in length, the Corporate Pointe video of neighbors touting the development, has had few viewers since its Novermber 14, 2008 posting: 34. One resident looks forward to having a Starbucks on the corner when all the construction is finished even though there are no such plans to build one or any retail outlets on the site. This sole Corporate Pointe video post on its YouTube channel doesn’t allow ratings but does accept comments.

Through a merger with Hughes Missile Systems Company in 1997, Raytheon assumed management of the environmental investigations and remediation activities at the site now called Corporate Pointe at West Hills. Raytheon makes missiles.

Raytheon can outfit a Hummer with a rack of five rockets.

This Raytheon missile detonates just above the battlefield for maximum effect.