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Coup de Goo

Coup de Goo

Department of Toxic Substances Control replaces Rocketdyne and Runkle Canyon’s cleanup project manager Norm E. Riley criticized by the Radiation Rangers as a developer dupe.

30,000 rocket tests have left the Santa Susana Field Laboratory polluted with chemicals. Radiation remains from dumping, burning and partial meltdowns in 1959 and 1964

The Promised Land

Gov. Schwarzenegger terminates uncertainty of Rocketdyne cleanup with historic move that keeps California in charge – for now. Long bitter battle of Rocketdyne seems resolved but certainly isn’t.

State Senator Sheila Kuehl

Pay Dirt

Gov. Schwarzenegger signs SB-990, a bill by State Senator Sheila Kuehl to clean up Rocketdyne to Superfund standards. Boeing agrees to pay for remediation and donate lab for parkland.