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AEG's Perchlorate Problem

AEG’s Perchlorate Problem

AEG’s Farmers Field $1.2 billion project gets the go-ahead from the Los Angeles Planning Commission despite plan’s environmental impact report leaving out crucial data about the use of the toxic oxidizer perchlorate in fireworks the facility will be able to shoot off every day of the year when it opens, perhaps in 2017. Activists are concerned over health effects while Los Angeles Times takes project boosterism to new and unseemly lows. EIR obscured by toxic smoke may open up city and developer to future lawsuits from fans, players, employees and people living around Farmers Field and impacted by perchlorate and heavy metals in the bursts.

Sleight of Land

Lost in the glow of an historic deal to clean up the sprawling Santa Susana Field Laboratory is the fact that the cleanup will stop at the edge of the property line and not include controversial Runkle Canyon which shows signs of being polluted by the same radiation and chemicals that the old Rocketdyne lab it abuts has been contaminated with.

Up in Smoke

The 6,400 fireworks at Santa Monica Pier’s 100th birthday celebration September 9 fail to ignite much excitement. The tepid pyrotechnics get lost in toxic smoke which descends on the city, gassing thousands of unsuspecting yuppies with perchlorate and heavy metals.