March 15, 2015: Since exactly four years ago on March 15, 2011, just four days after the triple meltdowns at Fukushimi Dai-ichi Japan began, has produced more than 7,322 special tests and original reports including 2,819 measurements and analyses from nine affiliated Radiation Stations and 4,503 samples and radiation experiments from Radiation Station Santa Monica California. has over 1,890,968 readers and 1,572,073 viewers along with the 21,130 people who have seen Radiation Station Glendale California‘s continuous online streaming. Over 190,172 viewers have watched 90 original videos on our YouTube channel and we’ve received tens of thousands of Facebook ‘likes’ for our site, investigations and Facebook channel. Thank you for your support as we celebrate these milestones on the Ides of March.‘s Facebook page‘s YouTube channel

Radiation Stations

Radiation Station East Los Angeles California
Radiation Station Glendale California
Radiation Station Harrisburg North Carolina
Radiation Station Hemet California
Radiation Station Pacifica California
Radiation Station Simi Valley California
Radiation Station Santa Monica California
Radiation Station Sunshine Coast Australia
Radiation Station Ventura California

Fukushima Meltdowns‘s US EPA RadNet Data‘s Radiation Food Lab
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency RadNet
U.S. EPA Los Angeles monitoring homepage
U.S. EPA Los Angeles Near-Real-Time Gross Gamma Count Rate Data
San Francisco State University Jet Stream Map
Radiation Station
Radiation Station FAQs
Radiation Station Stats
Fairewinds Associates – Expert Fukushima updates
Potrblog – Radiation detection and analysis from the St. Louis area
California Radiologic Health Branch monitoring – 48 hour reports
California Radiologic Health Branch monitoring map
RadNet for Los Angeles – gamma monitoring
RadNet data for Los Angeles & other American cities – beta monitoring
RadNet for Los Angeles – archived post-Fukushima data
U.S. EPA RadNet Map View
U.S. EPA RadNet Laboratory Data
U.S. EPA RadNet Laboratory Data – OpenData by Socrata
U.S. EPA RadNet Japanese Nuclear Emergency: Radiation Monitoring FAQs
U.S. EPA’s “Japanese Nuclear Emergency: Radiation Monitoring”
U.C. Berkeley monitoring online
University of Maryland radiation plume modeling over Pacific
Washington State – Daily Radiation Readings
Japanese Safecast Radiation Readings
Japan Geigermap
Security Tokyo – Comprehensive air & food readings
Tsunami Debris Tracking Project
Daily Pacific Ocean debris tracking using SCUD model
Streaming video of Fukushima Daiichi reactors by owner TEPCO – closeup view
Streaming video of Fukushima Daiichi reactors by TBS/JNN – distant view
National Weather Surface American Wind Map updated hourly
Japanese Fisheries Agency’s inspections of fish radioactivity

Aerojet Chino Hills

Department of Toxic Substances Control – Aerojet Chino Hills
DTSC Open Burn-Open Detonation cleanup info
Carbon Canyon Chronicle


Aerospace Contamination Museum of Education
Boeing – Santa Susana Field Laboratory
Committee to Bridge the Gap
Department of Toxic Substances Control – Rocketdyne
Department of Energy-SSFL Area IV ETEC facility
Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board
NASA – SSFL Environmental Cleanup and Closure
Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles
Rocketdyne Cleanup Coalition
Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL) Advisory Panel
Santa Susana Field Laboratory Work Group
Teens Against Toxins
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Rocketdyne

Runkle Canyon

Department of Toxic Substances Control – Runkle Canyon
City of Simi Valley
KB Home — Runkle Canyon

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Generating Station (SONGS)

Southern California Edison SONGS
San Clemente Green
San Onofre Safety (SOS)
San Clemente City Council SONGS-related
Irvine City Council SONGS-related
San Onofre Nuclear Waste Generating Station
Nuclear Free California

VA Nuclear Dump

VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System
Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl
Rep. Henry Waxman (D – Los Angeles)
Los Angeles Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky
Brentwood School