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The Road to Runkle

The Road to Runkle

State Department of Toxic Substances Control, in a sleight of land, has made a deal with KB Home that would leave Runkle Canyon unremediated for radioactive and chemical contamination.


Historic Fix Doesn’t Extend to Tainted Adjacent Land Where KB Home Plans to Build 461 Condos and Homes
By Michael Collins
LA Weekly – September 23, 2010
Elation over a historic deal to clean the sprawling Santa Susana Field Laboratory earlier this month garnered significant media coverage for good reason: The California Environmental […]’s analysis of the final DTSC Runkle Canyon Response Plan

Ever since breaking the story of pollution problems in Runkle Canyon coming from neighboring Rocketdyne in spring 2005, this reporter has produced a substantial body of scientific analysis exploring the radioactive and heavy metal contaminants that impact the property.
The same cannot be said for the Department of Toxic Substances Control […]

Collins questions to DTSC regarding Runkle Canyon Response Plan

These question were sent in to the Department of Toxic Substances Control by reporter Michael Collins on August 16, 2010:
#1) Questions for Rick Brausch and Maziar Movassaghi regarding the Runkle Response Plan:
1A) Our Response Plan comments and questions, that DTSC has not responded to, are available at
• Why […]

Rick Brausch Interview – Runkle Canyon Response Plan

This September 15, 2010 e-mail Q & A was between reporter Michael Collins and, presumably, DTSC’s Runkle Canyon project manager Rick Brausch. The interview attempted to clarify a few points for the LA Weekly article “Rocketdyne Cleanup Won’t Help Runkle Canyon” published September 23.
[Question] 1. As we discussed, the decision […]

Rocketdyne – It’s the Pits

Lots of questions, few answers at the latest meeting on Rocketdyne cleanup
By Michael Collins
Ventura County Reporter – December 19, 2002
Radioactive and chemical pollution was on everyone’s mind when more than 60 folks attended the quarterly meeting of the Environmental Protection Agency-sponsored Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL) Workgroup meeting Dec. 11 […]

Rocketdyne’s Red Glare

By Michael Collins
LA Weekly – December 9, 1998

Pulling up to Simi Valley City Hall the morning of October 21, EPA staffer Vicky Semones was counting on a quiet, efficient work meeting. Her job was to coordinate the scientists, public officials and community representatives monitoring the cleanup from decades of nuclear […]


Former Rocketdyne employee and cancer survivor battles for radiation worker compensation

By Michael Collins
Ventura County Reporter – July 8, 2010
The eyes of Bonnie Klea are extraordinarily bright and unblinking. There is no trace of self-pity for her courageous fight against bladder cancer, now in remission, or her years-long battle with Boeing, […]


Critics say NASA is taking a giant leap backwards by irradiating monkeys in space-travel tests

By Michael Collins
Pasadena Weekly – February 25, 2010
The future of manned space exploration was revealed Feb. 1 when President Obama unveiled his 2011 budget request for NASA. The president proposed ending the Constellation program, an initiative […]

Mike Sander Interview

As part of our research for part two of the cover story “Space Monkey Business” (Pasadena Weekly – February 25, 2010) we interviewed Mike Sander of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Quotes from this interview were used in “We Robot” published the following week.
Our February 17 interview appears after Sander’s […]

Space Monkey Business Q & A

The Pasadena Weekly‘s Michael Collins submitted a list of questions for Dr. Jack Bergman of McLean Hospital on February 16, 2010 regarding his NASA experiments on 18 squirrel monkeys, the subject of our “Space Monkey Business” cover story in the paper February 25. Bergman referred the questions, which follow, to […]

Space Monkey Business

Space Monkey Business

Critics say NASA is taking a giant leap backwards by irradiating monkeys in space-travel tests designed to simulate intense radiation astronauts would experience in voyages to Mars.


Human error helped worsen a nuclear meltdown just outside Los Angeles, and now human inertia has stymied the radioactive cleanup for half a century.
By Joan Trossman Bien and Michael Collins
Miller-McCune – August 24, 2009

For Release Saturday A.M., August 29, 1959
“During an inspection of fuel elements on July 26 […]


Historic dumping grounds beneath the spectacular VA land finally get tested.

LA Weekly – December 10, 2009
Several days ago, men wearing radiation dosimeters stood on the Veteran Administration’s West Los Angeles property, atop an old toxic dump that partially underlies Barrington Recreation Center’s baseball fields and a city dog park, and […]


With Bush’s manned space initiative headed for the chopping block, why is NASA nuking monkeys? – February 1, 2010
The future of manned space exploration may be revealed Monday when President Obama unveils his 2011 budget request for NASA. The budget’s approval by Congress may also determine the future of 28 […]

NASA’s Monkey Business

NASA’s Monkey Business

President Obama’s 2011 budget request for NASA may determine the future of 28 squirrel monkeys and renewed animal radiation experiments, which we discovered weren’t even needed.

Collins to VA Questions 12-16-09

[Note that this version of Michael Collins’ questions for the VA includes redacted identifiers that were not in the original December 16, 2009 letter.]
Mr. Eric Gutierrez
Office of Public and Consumer Affairs
(310) 478-3711 Ext. XXXX
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System
Hi Eric,
Thanks for calling yesterday offering to provide information, presumably relating to […]