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Historic dumping grounds beneath the spectacular VA land finally get tested. LA Weekly – December 10, 2009 Several days ago, men wearing radiation dosimeters stood on the Veteran Administration’s West Los Angeles property, atop an old toxic dump that partially underlies Barrington Recreation Center’s baseball fields and a city dog […]


With Bush’s manned space initiative headed for the chopping block, why is NASA nuking monkeys? – February 1, 2010 The future of manned space exploration may be revealed Monday when President Obama unveils his 2011 budget request for NASA. The budget’s approval by Congress may also determine the future […]

NASA’s Monkey Business

NASA’s Monkey Business

President Obama’s 2011 budget request for NASA may determine the future of 28 squirrel monkeys and renewed animal radiation experiments, which we discovered weren’t even needed.

VA Statement on Barrington Park Environmental Study

A Statement from Ms. Donna Beiter R.N., M.S.N., Director of the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System: The VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (GLA) is currently conducting a surface and subsurface Environmental study of the “arroyo” area located to the east of the Barrington Park Recreation center to put […]

Collins to VA Questions 12-16-09

[Note that this version of Michael Collins’ questions for the VA includes redacted identifiers that were not in the original December 16, 2009 letter.] Mr. Eric Gutierrez Office of Public and Consumer Affairs (310) 478-3711 Ext. XXXX VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System Hi Eric, Thanks for calling yesterday […]

Grave Mistakes

Grave Mistakes

Despite outrage over soldiers’ tombstones disposed of VA’s biomedical nuclear and chemical dump in Brentwood, $1 million Phase II testing for toxins begins. VA ducks questions.

Atomic Tombstones – Before and After

Erik J. Gutierrez, Stakeholder Relations Representative in the VA’s Office of External Affairs, sent LA Weekly and this statement December 17, 2009: A Statement from Ms. Donna Beiter R.N., M.S.N., Director of the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System: The VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (GLA) is currently […]

Broken tombstone of a World War I soldier discarded in a pile of waste excavated from Brentwood School athletic fields

Dereliction of Duty

Ghoulish graveyard of atomic tombstones – American veterans’ headstones – dumped in Brentwood’s toxic VA grave, according to a new LA Weekly article by Michael Collins.

Atomic Tombstones Galleries

On January 9, 2008, visited the biomedical nuclear and chemical dump at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Brentwood, an upscale neighborhood in west Los Angeles. We were there to see if the VA had finally begun Phase Two of its investigation and characterization of this site that we […]


Simi Valley residents unite to fight ‘hot’ KB Home development in Runkle Canyon By Michael Collins Ventura County Reporter – September 28, 2006 “I am not a tree hugger, an environmental activist, or an Erin Brockovich wannabe,” said Patricia Coryell before an August 21 meeting of the Simi Valley City […]


A popular Brentwood dog park on Veterans Administration property is built over an old radioactive waste dump that may soon be unearthed by proposed development By Michael Collins Los Angeles CityBeat – May 25, 2006 SUVs and luxury sedans glide into the Barrington Dog Park just south of Sunset Boulevard […]


Brentwood dump contains radioactive remains from decades of animal and human tests By Michael Collins Los Angeles CityBeat – May 25, 2006 During the 1950s and ’60s, both UCLA and the Veterans Administration were deeply engaged in the Atomic Age, doing their part for the Cold War by performing radiation […]

Darkness Over the Land

Darkness Over the Land

A rowdy romp with a cast of characters whose devotion to their earthly paradise is devilishly delightful. Their sizzling tales shed light on the hottest, lowest land in North America.


A Love Story By Michael Collins – November 18, 2009 The October moon rose over the Funeral Mountains and shed its ghostly light upon Darkness. She was perched on a sun burnt spit of land above the salt pan, a dark angel ready for flight. Her black wings cast […]

There Lies the Fault

There Lies the Fault

After extensive investigation, may have discovered the source of Runkle Canyon’s heavy metal nightmare which has stalled KB Home’s development plans for two years.

Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke

6,400 fireworks at Santa Monica Pier’s 100th birthday fail to ignite much excitement. Pyrotechnics get lost in toxic smoke which descends on thousands with perchlorate, heavy metals.