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Mojave mansions from the ground up By Michael Collins Los Angeles magazine’s “LA to Z” issue – December 1998 At the California Institute of Earth Arts and Architecture in Hesperia, Iranian-born architect and author Nader Khalili has perfected the “superadobe,” which combines the ancient traditions of earth architecture with futuristic […]


By Michael Collins Los Angeles magazine’s “LA to Z” issue – December 1997 Electric bicycle, or the sensation of being stopped by a cop riding one. The ZAP Force bile has a 0.75-horsepower electric engine powered by a 12-volt battery. ZAP Power Systems, a company launched three years ago in […]


By Michael Collins Los Angeles magazine’s “LA to Z” issue – December 1996 (1958- ) Atom smasher. As regional leader of Physicians for Social Responsibility, Parfrey has taken his battle against nuclear power around the Pacific Rim. Born in Manhattan, Parfrey attended Santa Monica High and UC Berkeley. After a […]

Double Vision

Double Vision

Government’s just-sacked DTSC head of Rocketdyne remediation says the new cleanup law is too strict and that site owner Boeing is going to sue the State over the standards.



50 Years After a Santa Susana Nuclear Accident Holds Up Land Development By Michael Collins LA Weekly – July 22, 2009 All hell was about to break loose at the Sodium Reactor Experiment on July 23, 1959. The reactor, tucked into a corner of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory in […]


“Three keys to more abundant living: caring about others, daring for others, sharing with others.” (William Arthur Ward – 20th Century author) When Denise Anne Duffield and I unveiled in late May 2006, we had little idea of the effect that this website would have on the environmental issues […]

Corporate Pointe at West Hills is in Councilman Greig Smith's LA district.

“Your journalistic practices”

“Dear Mr. Collins – without getting into the content of your story, I’d like to point out to you that your quote from Ms. Winger on our staff was so badly twisted out of context that it is utterly meaningless.”

Meltdown Dustup

Meltdown Dustup

Worst meltdown in U.S. history happened 30 miles northwest of L.A. for two weeks from July 13-26, 1959. Meltdown spewed hundreds of times more radiation than Three Mile Island in 1979.

Corporate Pointe

Corporate Pointe

CORPORATE POINTE LATEST NEWS (3 POSTS) The latest news on our investigation of the Corporate Pointe West Hills facility in West Hills, California. Critics contend that radiological and chemical contamination have not been completely cleaned up. CORPORATE POINTE DOCUMENTS An extensive collection of documents and links related to […]

Sodium Reactor Experiment Meltdown

The 50th anniversary of the worst nuclear reactor disaster in U.S. history happened just outside of Los Angeles July 13-26, 1959 and still resonates today. READ “Wrinkles in Runkle Canyon – 50 Years After a Santa Susana Nuclear Accident Holds Up Land Development” in the LA Weekly where‘s Michael […]

VA Nuclear Dump Video

NEWS COVERAGE OF BRENTWOOD’S TOXIC DUMP “Beautiful Brentwood park may contain toxic waste” KTLA-Channel 5 News, December 16, 2009: Jaime Chambers examines Brentwood dog park subsequent to the publication of Michael Collins’ “Brentwood’s Toxic Grave” article in the LA Weekly. “Everything from needles to tombstones,” the segment begins. “An upscale […]

Diane Feinstein – January 16, 2008 did not receive an invitation to this event though we managed to get the particulars and attend. We wanted to ask Sen. Feinstein if she knew about the veterans’ tombstones in the West LA VA’s biomedical nuclear and chemical dump. The press release to the event read: Senator Feinstein […]

Brentwood nuclear dump testing – November 30, 2006

The first day of testing included a visit by Councilman Bill Rosendahl (suit with paisley tie) to meet with the man in charge, Millennium Consulting Associates’ president Michael Noel (blue cap). Also attending was Norm Kulla, Rosendahl’s Northern District Director and Senior Counsel (suit with sunglasses) and Sue Black, the […]

Brentwood School

Brentwood School

North of the main dumping area lies VA land leased to Brentwood School. A VA-funded study in 2005 said, on pages 62-64, that there was nuclear waste buried on the property there and that either the parents didn’t know about it or didn’t care. Now they know. A 2000 ash […]

Runkle Canyon Presentation 11-17-08

On November 17, 2008, the DTSC’s Norm Riley, project head for the Runkle Canyon voluntary cleanup agreed to with KB Home, gave a presentation about the site to the Simi Valley City Council and community. The meeting was televised and streamed online. The Radiation Rangers also gave a Powerpoint presentation […]