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Collins to VA Questions 12-16-09

[Note that this version of Michael Collins’ questions for the VA includes redacted identifiers that were not in the original December 16, 2009 letter.]
Mr. Eric Gutierrez
Office of Public and Consumer Affairs
(310) 478-3711 Ext. XXXX
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System
Hi Eric,
Thanks for calling yesterday offering to provide information, presumably relating to […]

Grave Mistakes

Grave Mistakes

Despite outrage over soldiers’ tombstones disposed of VA’s biomedical nuclear and chemical dump in Brentwood, $1 million Phase II testing for toxins begins. VA ducks questions.


A popular Brentwood dog park on Veterans Administration property is built over an old radioactive waste dump that may soon be unearthed by proposed development
By Michael Collins
Los Angeles CityBeat – May 25, 2006
SUVs and luxury sedans glide into the Barrington Dog Park just south of Sunset Boulevard in Brentwood, where […]

There Lies the Fault

There Lies the Fault

After extensive investigation, may have discovered the source of Runkle Canyon’s heavy metal nightmare which has stalled KB Home’s development plans for two years.

The Aerospace Runkle Canyon Comments

The Aerospace Runkle Canyon Comments

D’Lanie Blaze questions Dade Moeller lab retesting Runkle Canyon for strontium-90 saying that Dade Moeller himself discounted any radiation danger because “we’ll soon have a cure for cancer.”


50 Years After a Santa Susana Nuclear Accident Holds Up Land Development
By Michael Collins
LA Weekly – July 22, 2009
All hell was about to break loose at the Sodium Reactor Experiment on July 23, 1959. The reactor, tucked into a corner of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory in the Simi Hills […]

Radiation Rangers Runkle Canyon Comments

Radiation Rangers Runkle Canyon Comments

“I sometimes wonder if we’re talking about the same place,” says the Reverend John Southwick of the Radiation Rangers. “The department missed the most important stuff.”

Mary Wiesbrock addressing Simi Valley City Council about Runkle Canyon contamination.

Runkle Rousing

State project manager for the KB Home/DTSC cleanup agreement, Norm Riley, said nothing about public input he’d received, including the Radiation Rangers’ response plan comments.

Meltdown Dustup

Meltdown Dustup

Worst meltdown in U.S. history happened 30 miles northwest of L.A. for two weeks from July 13-26, 1959. Meltdown spewed hundreds of times more radiation than Three Mile Island in 1979.

Sodium Reactor Experiment Meltdown

The 50th anniversary of the worst nuclear reactor disaster in U.S. history happened just outside of Los Angeles July 13-26, 1959 and still resonates today.

READ “Wrinkles in Runkle Canyon – 50 Years After a Santa Susana Nuclear Accident Holds Up Land Development” in the LA Weekly where‘s Michael Collins […]


Runkle Canyon radiation report spells trouble
by Michael Collins
Ventura County Reporter – February 19, 2009
Nearly 50 people filled Simi Valley City Hall chambers late last month in a much-anticipated Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) meeting about environmental conditions in Runkle Canyon. The 1,595-acre property is where KB Home hopes […]

Waxman Document 81

This document is also available on Congressman Waxman’s website here.

P. 9-10/172:
“Apparent medical incinerator ash was encountered during grading operations at the upper bench (Locus, 2000a). The ash was excavated and stockpiled with unacceptable fill material outside the Lease Area on GLAHS property during prior grading operations associated with construction of the […]


National Academy of Science report rekindles hot debate over California’s perchlorate contamination
By Michael Collins
Los Angeles CityBeat/ValleyBeat – January 20, 2005
The January 10 release of a National Academy of Sciences report on the hazards of the rocket fuel oxidizer perchlorate has the defense and aerospace industry crowing while some environmentalists sing […]


National Academy of Sciences report reignites debate on danger of perchlorate
By Michael Collins
Pasadena Weekly – January 20, 2005
The Jan. 10 release of the National Academy of Sciences report on the hazards of perchlorate recommends national drinking water standards be radically more lax than those that the Environmental Protection Agency […]


Protecting kids from perchlorate isn’t rocket science
By Michael Collins
Ventura County Reporter – January 20, 2005
On Jan. 10, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) released a report on the hazards of perchlorate that has the defense and aerospace industry crowing and some environmentalists singing the blues.
The NAS report recommends national drinking […]


Simi Valley’s Rocketdyne facility was blasted by 50 years of rocket engines and nuclear reactor meltdowns, leaving a toxic disaster atop what residents call “The Hill.” Runoff may be poisoning Southland residents. And now the government just broke a promise to clean it up.
By Michael Collins and Sharon McKenna
Los Angeles […]