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11-9-15 DOE Brandeis-Bardin seeps associated with Area IV

Reports – Brandeis-Bardin’s Toxic Denial

The following reports, presentations and maps are associated with the subjects covered in the exposé Brandeis-Bardin’s Toxic Denial. Their order is generally the same sequence as in the exposé and sometimes labeled as to the information they provide. AJU – American Jewish University ATSDR – Agency for Toxic Substances […]

Well RD59B in 2005 in Brandeis-Bardin had “Tin-126 is a fission product and is possibly site process related," according to DOE report

Brandeis-Bardin 2005

Excerpt from the exposé Brandeis-Bardin’s Toxic Denial: The chemical sheen glossing the camp water was sampled and analyzed in 2005 from the same unmarked canyon as the 2004 soil test. The 2005 Brandeis-Bardin water report [13 PDF pages; 355 KB], completed in 2006, found Sr-90 over double both the […]

Dead for the Hills - Aerojet Rocketdyne Chino Hills

Dead for the Hills

Controversial Cal-EPA Department of Toxic Substances Control nearing release of Aerojet Rocketdyne Chino Hills facility for unrestricted use including residential development. Seven year long investigation finds site riddled with high radiation and chemical contamination in water and soil. DTSC mangles science, hides from reporters and clumsily tries to shepherd this project even as the community is becoming up in arms. DECADE 2006-2016 DECADE 2006-2016 marks a major milestone – the online news organization turns 10 today having begun publishing May 18, 2006 with a story about the biomedical nuclear and chemical dump in the Los Angeles suburb of Brentwood. Story stopped a $4 billion scheme to privatize the West L.A. Veterans Administration. So began this award-winning environmental news outfit which says its best is yet to come.

StopRunkledyne –  Radiation Rangers

StopRunkledyne – Radiation Rangers

The story of Runkle Canyon and the fight against what turned out to be called Arroyo Vista at the Woodlands is far from over. More revelations are surfacing. broke the Runkle Canyon contamination story in Los Angeles CityBeat with “Neighborhood Threat” March 10, 2005. Soon an amazing group of […]

Fukushima – The Perfect Crime?

Fukushima – The Perfect Crime?

Multiple hazardous readings of suspected Fukushima radiation have been detected in air, rain, snow, and surf in California and across the nation. Media pushback denies all.

China Syndrome Town

China Syndrome Town exposes plots that would keep the Santa Susana Field Laboratory radioactive and chemically contaminated, saving the polluters hundreds of millions.