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VA Nuclear Dump Video

“Beautiful Brentwood park may contain toxic waste”
KTLA-Channel 5 News, December 16, 2009: Jaime Chambers examines Brentwood dog park subsequent to the publication of Michael Collins’ “Brentwood’s Toxic Grave” article in the LA Weekly. “Everything from needles to tombstones,” the segment begins. “An upscale park is sitting on decades of toxic […]

Diane Feinstein – January 16, 2008 did not receive an invitation to this event though we managed to get the particulars and attend. We wanted to ask Sen. Feinstein if she knew about the veterans’ tombstones in the West LA VA’s biomedical nuclear and chemical dump.
The press release to the event read:
Senator Feinstein and Supervisor Yaroslavsky to Discuss Future of […]

Brentwood nuclear dump testing – November 30, 2006

The first day of testing included a visit by Councilman Bill Rosendahl (suit with paisley tie) to meet with the man in charge, Millennium Consulting Associates’ president Michael Noel (blue cap). Also attending was Norm Kulla, Rosendahl’s Northern District Director and Senior Counsel (suit with sunglasses) and Sue Black, the founder of Friends of Barringrton […]

Brentwood School

North of the main dumping area lies VA land leased to Brentwood School. A VA-funded study in 2005 said, on pages 62-64, that there was nuclear waste buried on the property there and that either the parents didn’t know about it or didn’t care. Now they know.
A 2000 ash map shows where three deposits […]

Runkle Canyon Presentation 11-17-08

On November 17, 2008, the DTSC’s Norm Riley, project head for the Runkle Canyon voluntary cleanup agreed to with KB Home, gave a presentation about the site to the Simi Valley City Council and community. The meeting was televised and streamed online. The Radiation Rangers also gave a Powerpoint presentation which was aided by’s […]


KB Home promises mass grading of Runkle Canyon
By Michael Collins
Ventura County Reporter – April 16, 2009
Leave it to Simi Valley’s Radiation Rangers to uncover more than just contamination in Runkle Canyon, where KB Home hopes to build 465 homes in the shadow of radioactive Rocketdyne. The citizens group has discovered that the developer has dug […]


City planners make a slick zone change for easy building on toxic lands
By Michael Collins
LA Weekly – March 5, 2009
West Hills resident Bonnie Klea is vivacious and no-nonsense. She won a battle over a rare bladder cancer diagnosed in 1995, and has long suspected the toxins that taint a big piece of land near her […]

SSFL Area II – Gallery C

In Area II of SSFL is the Delta site, first constructed in 1957 for Thor engine testing and later modified for the Lance J-2 programs, including altitude testing. The area has also been used for the loading of propellant for Peacekeeper Stage IV. The DELTA 1 and 2 test stands conducted 105 and 462 rocket […]

SSFL Area II – Gallery B

SSFL Area II includes the rocket test stands at the Coca Area, seen here. “Three test stands were initially constructed at the Coca area in 1956 to support the development of the Navaho and Atlas engines,” according to Rocketdyne Archives. “In 1963, two of the original stands were demolished and replaced by two large engine […]

SSFL Area II – Gallery A

SSFL Area II includes the rocket test stands at the Alpha Area and Bravo Area, seen below. Operational with three test stands beginning in 1955, Alpha supported the first manned orbital flight of Atlas-Mercury in 1962. Both Alpha and Bravo areas are heavily polluted as are some of the surrounding structures including the Hazardous Waste […]

Aerojet Chino Hills Clean Up

What a difference a $46 million cleanup makes! The above panorama would be covered in upscale homes without our investigation that uncovered unexploded munitions, depleted uranium and toxic fuel oxidizer perchlorate problems at this former military industrial plant. The Aerojet Chino Hills facility is 29 miles (45 km) east-southeast of downtown Los Angeles and has […]

Aerojet Chino Hills

 The Aerojet Chino Hills facility is 29 miles (45 km) east-southeast of downtown Los Angeles and has been the subject of much heated debate due to the intense contamination left there from Cold War Era activities. The property was the subject of an investigation of’s Michael Collins back in 2000 where he found “a […]

Los Angeles Press Club 47th Annual Gala

Michael Collins garnered Second Place for Journalist of the Year for newspapers under 100,000 circulation with his investigative series “Two Mile Island” in Los Angeles CityBeat.
The Series:

Annual Southern California Journalism Awards gala program column by Los Angeles Press Club Judging Chair Michael Collins:

William Dean Singleton‘s Michael Collins interviewed and wrote about William Dean Singleton in 2000 for a brief incarnation of the Greater Los Angeles Press Club’s Eightball magazine. Singleton is the founder and CEO of MediaNews Group which owns a number of publications in Southern California including the Los Angeles Daily News, Long Beach Press-Telegram, and the Torrance […]

Los Angeles Press Club 45th Annual Gala

Michael Collins won First Place for 2002’s best Investigative/Series for papers under 100,000 circulation for his “Rocketdyne Ranch” expose in the Ventura County Reporter.
Judges’ comments: A thorough and well-written report, which even included the reporter using his own nuclear radiation monitor to find radiation that had been overlooked in previous inspections.
The Winning Series:

49th Annual Southern California Journalism Awards Gala Dinner

The 49th Annual Southern California Journalism Awards Gala Dinner was held June 16, 2007 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, California. took home the following awards: 
JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR – (Print under 100K circulation)
Michael Collins, Los Angeles CityBeat
Judges’ comment: “First class journalism by a dedicated and dogged journalist. Collins’ stories were winners on […]


L.A. Press Club Board Member/Judge Michael Collins wins First Place for in the Investigative/Series for Daily/Weekly Newspapers Under 100,000 Circulation for his “Rocketdyne Ranch” expose of Ahmanson Ranch.

L.A. Press Club Board Member/Judging Chair Michael Collins wins Second Place for Journalist of the Year for Daily/Weekly Newspapers Under 100,000 Circulation. Collins writes “Judging, So That We […]

Los Angeles Press Club 50th Annual Southern California Journalism Awards Gala Dinner

The 50th Annual Southern California Journalism Awards Gala Dinner was held June 21, 2008 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, California. took home some several awards.
Michael Collins, Ventura County Reporter, “Dirty Business”
Judges’ comment: “Collins provides an unflinching look at the serious soil-pollution problems at […]

Ten Years After – Two Years On – Letters

Congratulations Michael and Denise on two very impressive years at Enviroreporter. My involvement with you and Denise, as both a “Radiation Ranger” and a friend, has been very rewarding for me. A special thanks to you both for keeping this old brain working on all the scientific reporting you share with me. I am […]

Ten Years After – Two Years On

Denise Anne Duffield and I launched in May 2006. In conjunction with Los Angeles CityBeat, we broke a five-year investigation called “Real Hot Property” about a forgotten nuclear dump on Veterans Administration land in Brentwood California.
A story that hot deserved an even hotter website so we loaded up with award-winning investigative journalism, in-depth […]

Ventura County Board of Supervisors Resolution

On January 25, 2007, Michael Collins received a resolution from the Ventura County Board of Supervisors in honor of his journalist achievements and career as an investigative reporter. The resolution was presented at the Los Angeles Press Club at a celebration of Michael’s 50th birthday and 24 years as an investigative journalist.

The Board of […]


By Bennett Ramberg
Los Angeles Daily Journal – January 12, 2005
Although the Cold War ended a decade ago, its environmental legacy lives on. How to resolve nuclear contamination risks at government sites across the United States has become a matter of contention. A precedent-setting standard may emerge from recent litigation initiated by the city of Los […]

Aerojet Cleans Up Its Explosive Act

Aerojet Cleans Up Its Explosive Act

Cal-EPA’s Department of Toxic Substances Control holds public meeting in Chino Hills to detail 10-year effort to clean up 800-acre former munitions site. DTSC Open House today in Chino Hills. Unexploded ordnance and toxic chemicals was scoured from soil at the 14-acre “Open Burn/Open Detonation Unit”. Questions remain about Aerojet groundwater and lack of data.

Corporate Point Documents & Links

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August 7, 2009
Los Angeles City Council votes 12-0 to ratify Corporate Pointe at West Hills ordnance and resolution green-lighting developer Trammell Crow’s development without having an Environmental Impact Report done. Site rezoned which allows higher limits for radiological, chemical and heavy metals.‘s “Eating Trammell Crow?” and “Your journalistic […]


Runkle Canyon radiation report spells trouble
by Michael Collins
Ventura County Reporter – February 19, 2009
Nearly 50 people filled Simi Valley City Hall chambers late last month in a much-anticipated Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) meeting about environmental conditions in Runkle Canyon. The 1,595-acre property is where KB Home hopes to build 461 homes. The […]