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Rad News Digest

Rad News Digest

Rad News Digest which goes back to Day 1 of the Fukushima triple meltdowns and keeps us current going into Year 3 of this unprecedented disaster.


Green Power And Wellness – FUKUSHIMA RADIATION ALL OVER AMERICA – March 18, 2014
Anti-nuclear activist Harvey Wasserman has Michael Collins on as his guest to discuss Fukushima – The Perfect Crime? in this fast-paced show with a host who really knows his radiation. Collins describes […]


Fukushima – The Perfect Crime? – March 11, 2014
High radiation in land, sea and air met with media derision. Mass denial on third anniversary of ongoing Fukushima meltdowns. Radiation plume detected in Santa Cruz seawater. Soil in California’s marijuana and wine country high for Fukushima isotopes.

Radiation Station Posts (dozens of […]

Nori seaweed

Seaweed – August 23, 2011

Japanese seaweed bought in Southern California in a bag tests 54.2% higher than background. Tested out of the bag, tests 67.2% higher, suggesting presence of potent alpha radiation.

Eat Me!

Eat Me! expands Radiation Station’s Fukushima fallout coverage to include choices for rad free food foraging. We test everything we buy to consume and share results.

Toxies Take Tinseltown

Toxies Take Tinseltown

Second Annual Toxies Red Carpet Awards for Bad Actor Chemicals at Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Toxie Perchlorate is as explosive as she is hot and irresistible.

Five Years

Five Years celebrates its Five Year Anniversary by looking at its beginnings and where its headed as we confront the reality of multiple meltdowns an ocean away.

Melt Down Wind

Melt Down Wind

Fukushima reactors teeter on the brink of full meltdown as huge spent fuel rods burn. Californians can’t help but think about the possibility of nuclear fallout. And for good reason.

Meltdown Dustup

Meltdown Dustup

Worst meltdown in U.S. history happened 30 miles northwest of L.A. for two weeks from July 13-26, 1959. Meltdown spewed hundreds of times more radiation than Three Mile Island in 1979.

Sodium Reactor Experiment Meltdown

The 50th anniversary of the worst nuclear reactor disaster in U.S. history happened just outside of Los Angeles July 13-26, 1959 and still resonates today.

READ “Wrinkles in Runkle Canyon – 50 Years After a Santa Susana Nuclear Accident Holds Up Land Development” in the LA Weekly where‘s Michael Collins […]

Sodium Reactor Experiment 6 – Demolition

JIM GARNER WORKED IN THE LATE 70S for a company; called Brownyard Steel Fabrication, which was doing contract work for Rocketdyne at the Santa Susana lab, we wrote in “Hot Zone,” a 1998 Los Angeles magazine cover story. He recalls standing in a steel vault 60 feet underground, tearing out […]

Waxman Document 30

This document is also available on Congressman Waxman’s website here.

While this document reverts back to the original characterization of the dump that made it into the draft PricewaterhouseCoopers report, there are some interesting differences. This web page displays notes of the pertinent passages of this 114-page document.
P. 11/114:
“Records show that […]

Questions for Mr. Paul K. Chrencik of PricewaterhouseCoopers

Submitted by Michael Collins on Nov. 17, 2005
1. What is your title as the principle for PwC on the CARES project? What does your work entail?
2. The “Stage 1 Summary Report Appendix, Site: West Los Angeles” 129pp PDF document (“report”) dated September 13, 2005 was “produced under the scope of […]


By Michael Collins
LA Weekly – January 11, 2000

This week, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency issued an unprecedented invitation to community activists to tour three former Rocketdyne nuclear buildings to observe an environmental survey for radioactive contamination.
The media was invited as well to the site in the hills between […]


A popular Brentwood dog park on Veterans Administration property is build over an old radioactive waste dump that may soon be unearthed by proposed development.
by Michael Collins – May 18, 2006
SUVs and luxury sedans glide into the Barrington Dog Park parking lot just south of Sunset Boulevard in Brentwood. Industry […]