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Questionable new EPA soil survey detects radiation thousands of times over cleanup triggers
By Michael Collins
Ventura County Reporter – March 22, 2012
More than half a century since several partial meltdowns at the former Rocketdyne complex in eastern Ventura County, astronomical amounts of radiation are still being unearthed at the site, according […]



In California, the toxin TCE
By Michael Collins
LA Weekly – Thursday, February 23, 2012
When seated Occupy UC Davis protesters turned their backs on Lt. John Pike and his UC Davis police squad clad in riot gear on Nov. 18, he had had enough.
Pike aimed a large can of First Defense […]

The Endless Bummer

The Endless Bummer

Abridged and updated version of Beta Watch, with new data, information and interviews showing the uncontrolled release of radiation into the Pacific in Japan has hit home in California.

Rad News Digest

Rad News Digest

Rad News Digest which goes back to Day 1 of the Fukushima triple meltdowns and keeps us current going into Year 3 of this unprecedented disaster.

Beta Watch

Beta Watch

An 11-month investigation with over 1,500 Fukushima radiation tests, a new UC Davis report on uranium-filled “buckeyballs” and proof that sea mist carries radiation inland for hundreds of miles.

Radiation Station Glendale California

Dale Ramicone
Handle: Dr Solar
Inspector Alert detecting in Counts Per Minute (CPM)
24-7 streaming video plus 78 special tests as of March 15, 2015

2015/03/02 at 4:07 pm
Glendale rain activity measures near normal March 2nd, 2015
44.2 CPM sample from brief but intense shower
40.2 CPM background
Even though the rain shower was briefly intense and […]

Seasons Readings

Seasons Readings

Radiation readings in jets up to eight times normal and a jet stream-driven storm coming in at a sizzling 650% of background. Fukushima fallout in the American Heartland.


Green Power And Wellness – FUKUSHIMA RADIATION ALL OVER AMERICA – March 18, 2014
Anti-nuclear legend Harvey Wasserman has Michael Collins on as his guest to discuss Fukushima – The Perfect Crime? in this fast-paced show with a host who really knows his radiation. Collins describes […]


Fukushima – The Perfect Crime? – March 11, 2014
High radioactive detections in land, sea and air are met with media derision and mass denial on the third anniversary of the start of the ongoing triple Fukushima meltdowns. Multiple private and government sources over past three years indicate Fukushima radiation in […]

Seaweed - August 23, 2011

Seaweed – August 23, 2011

Japanese seaweed bought in Southern California in a bag tests 54.2% higher than background. Tested out of the bag, tests 67.2% higher, suggesting presence of potent alpha radiation.

Eat Me! Disclaimer

“Eat Me!” LEGAL DISCLAIMER (“website”) Eat Me! (“Eat Me!”) is our website service provided to Internet viewers who want to know what we eat and drink (“food”) in order to learn from our radiation-free food foraging by receiving copies of our grocery receipts. This is because they know that we […]

Five Years

Five Years celebrates its Five Year Anniversary by looking at its beginnings and where its headed as we confront the reality of multiple meltdowns an ocean away.

Radiation Station Stats

We’ve conducted thousands of radiation readings of air, water, rain, food, drink and other media since Radiation Station went online March 15, 2011. We have tested numerous items, substances and sites to determine if Fukushima fallout has impacted them. Those special in-situ multi-media tests, many with video documentation, will continue […]

Melt Down Wind

Melt Down Wind

Fukushima reactors teeter on the brink of full meltdown as huge spent fuel rods burn. Californians can’t help but think about the possibility of nuclear fallout. And for good reason.

Radiation Station

Radiation Station‘s “Radiation Station” will go online tomorrow. We will be able to show, in live time, just what the radiation readings are in Santa Monica California.


Rocketdyne cleanup agreements leave out adjacent canyon slated for development
By Michael Collins
Ventura County Reporter – December 9, 2010
The Dec. 6 news of the agreements between California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) and both the federal Department of Energy (DOE) and NASA set off a wave of euphoria rarely experienced […]


Angering environmentalists, Arnold rewrites his Green Chemistry initiative in his final days in office
By Michael Collins
L.A. Weekly – December 9, 2010
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s legacy as the “green governor” looks to have gotten some goo in the works in his final days in office, when he signed off on a Department […]