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Denise Anne Duffield, my multi-award-winning website designer, editor and better half, pulls out all the stops in this redesign for 2009. The website has since significantly evolved.

Corporate Pointe

Corporate Pointe

CORPORATE POINTE LATEST NEWS (3 POSTS) The latest news on our investigation of the Corporate Pointe West Hills facility in West Hills, California. Critics contend that radiological and chemical contamination have not been completely cleaned up. CORPORATE POINTE DOCUMENTS An extensive collection of documents and links related to […]


The interview – July 11, 2009 Michael Rose is a successful Los Angeles-based documentarian. His company, Michael Rose Productions, Inc., has produced over 200 documentaries for outlets in the US (PBS, The History Channel, the Travel Channel and others) that are seen in over 40 countries. Rose is also […]


The interview – June 25, 2009 John Pace is the last known surviving person who was at the Sodium Reactor Experiment during those fateful weeks in July 1959 when the America’s worst nuclear meltdown occurred. Just twenty when he started working at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, Pace, 70, […]

Sodium Reactor Experiment Meltdown

The 50th anniversary of the worst nuclear reactor disaster in U.S. history happened just outside of Los Angeles July 13-26, 1959 and still resonates today. READ “Wrinkles in Runkle Canyon – 50 Years After a Santa Susana Nuclear Accident Holds Up Land Development” in the LA Weekly where‘s Michael […]


Photographs of the worst nuclear reactor disaster in U.S. history that happened just outside of Los Angeles July 13-26, 1959. The top center photograph was taken by John Pace, an eyewitness to the Sodium Reactor Experiment meltdown. “This is a picture of the men trying to unstick the second fuel […]

Runkle Canyon Video

KCET “Life & Times” “Runkle Canyon Development – Radioactive?” Ironically, this November 21, 2006 program begins with an acknowledgement that “Coverage of Town Hall Los Angeles speakers on Life and Times is made possible by a grant from the Boeing Company.” Boeing owns the Runkle Canyon-adjacent Santa Susana Field Laboratory. […]

Rocketdyne Video

Before the December 12, 2012 EPA meeting in Simi Valley, California, where the agency tried to explain how it had burned through $41.5 million for the radiation testing of Area IV of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, clean up Rocketdyne activists and community members held a press conference. Dan Hirsch, […]

Diane Feinstein – January 16, 2008 did not receive an invitation to this event though we managed to get the particulars and attend. We wanted to ask Sen. Feinstein if she knew about the veterans’ tombstones in the West LA VA’s biomedical nuclear and chemical dump. The press release to the event read: Senator Feinstein […]

Drought reveals heart of dump – 2007

The prolonged drought in Southern California has caused a continuing brush die-off in the heart of the Brentwood nuclear dump. Much of the mapped center of the known dumping areas is easier to see — sloping areas that weren’t tested in the VA Phase I testing of the eastern arroyo. […]

Brentwood School

North of the main dumping area lies VA land leased to Brentwood School. A VA-funded study in 2005 said, on pages 62-64, that there was nuclear waste buried on the property there and that either the parents didn’t know about it or didn’t care. Now they know. A 2000 ash […]

Evidence Plowed Under

As began investigating the biomedical nuclear dump on Veterans Administration property in the west Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood in 2001, the history of the site was passing into urban legend. Dan Hirsch, president of the nuclear watchdog group Committee to Bridge the Gap, had given up on investigating […]

Atomic Bombs and Culture

Nothing fueled the Cold War more than fear of the Hydrogen Bomb. Though President Kennedy halted above-ground, atmospheric testing of these weapons in 1963 like those that yielded these explosive images, thousands remain on high alert today. “One nuclear weapon exploded in one city — be it New York or […]

Runkle Canyon 11-08-08

During the debate over whether Runkle Canyon’s surface water is a drinking water source for Simi Valley, a number of folks have insisted that it isn’t, including members of the Department of Toxic Substances Control. Indeed, Runkle Canyon drains into the Arroyo Simi which replenishes the aquifer under Simi Valley […]


City planners make a slick zone change for easy building on toxic lands By Michael Collins LA Weekly – March 5, 2009 West Hills resident Bonnie Klea is vivacious and no-nonsense. She won a battle over a rare bladder cancer diagnosed in 1995, and has long suspected the toxins that […]

SSFL Area IV – Sodium Reactor Experiment

The Sodium Reactor Experiment, or SRE, was the first nuclear reactor in this country to supply commercially-available electricity. It powered the lights for the-then tiny town of Moorpark in Ventura County, California, population 1,200. The reactor is best known for suffering the worst meltdown in American history, releasing hundreds of […]