Radiation Station Sunshine Coast Australia

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November 22, 2014: EnviroReporter.com reaches more than 6,878 special tests and original reports including 2,644 measurements from nine affiliated Radiation Stations and 4,234 samples and radiation experiments from Radiation Station Santa Monica California. EnviroReporter.com has over 1,805,681 readers and more than 1,569,514 viewers along with the 20,239 people that have seen Radiation Station Glendale California‘s continuous online streaming. In excess of 179,971 folks have watched 88 original videos on our YouTube channel and we’ve received tens of thousands of Facebook ‘likes’ for our site, investigations and Facebook channel. We thank you for your support.

Peter Daley

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Gammascout Alert detecting in microsieverts per hour (uSv/hr)

Radiation testing streaming 24/7 plus over 590 special radiation tests and original in-depth reports as November 22, 2014 as well as hundreds of items tested in Radiation Food Lab.


Monitoring Station:

Food Lab


2014/11/09 at 11:10 pm

Food Testing Report

Reports that the political parties in America were testing their food, while informing the public that it was not necessary.
5th November 2014 – Emergency radiation testing used at Democrat and Republican conventions after Fukushima; Also for Obama Inauguration — Seafood, meat, vegetables, milk, water checked for nuclear waste, while top officials agree to publicly downplay crisis — 80% of milk samples from Orlando, FL had ‘significant’ Cs-137


Southern Hemisphere October 2014 UV, and Background Radiation Report.

Station location

This short animation of Northern, and Southern Hemisphere air circulation, shows why we can get detections so far south.



The good news is that the air borne contamination reaching this location, appears to have stabilized for the time being.

October’s 2014 monthly average background radiation level was the lowest October monthly average since pre-Fukushima, at 14% above the pre-Fukushima October average. 2012 was 19% above and 2013 was 25% above the pre-Fukushima average. 2012 had the most dynamic swings in background levels. Over the last few months we have been getting a lot of low pressure systems develop between Australia and new Zealand, pumping cleaner Southern Ocean air up along our east coast. In previous years at this time of the year, the air flows here came mainly from the tropics.

Technical details:

(Note: The 4yr average referred to in the charts, is the 4yr pre-Fukushima average.)

Day average chart for October 2014 (14% above average)


2013 Day Average chart (25% above average)


2012 Day Average chart (19% above average)


2014 Month Average chart


October 2014 Rain Water Test Report


Traces of Lead Pb-210 and Beryllium Be-7 were detected in the rain water. This is surprising since the rain fall was only 30mm in October.

The Be-7 peak should be at 477 Kev. The Be-7peak in this test chart with calibration is slightly to the left of the ideal at around 470 Kev. This suggests the presence of another unidentified isotope. At these trace levels their peaks are too close for this equipment to separate the peaks enough to identify the other isotope. A second test was done a couple days later. Whatever was present had decayed away, and the Be-7 peak was where it should be in the chart.

So far we have not been able to qualify what the possible isotope maybe.

Roof down pipe filter design for rainwater testing, http://sccc.org.au/down-pipe-filter-design

Test Chart

In this chart I have CPS on the Y axis to show activity, and have turned off Y log to show linear scaling.


Previous Rain water and soil tests can be found here.

UV Report

Keep and eye on Northern and Southern Hemisphere UV levels in spring and summer. Here, we are already into extreme UV levels. During these events it is important to put in place protective UV Radiation measures.


New Live Radon Monitoring System

Have recently set up an experimental live Radon monitoring system here.
This live Radon monitor has been set up to establish if Radon, or other Alpha emitting radioactive isotopes are significantly affecting local background radiation levels, at the Caloundra monitoring station location.

It is set up in a room in a wooden building on stumps, near the Pacific Ocean, so Radon levels should be low. Anything above 4 pCi/l for an extended period of time would be of concern.

Significant Radon increases have been detected when storms have passed over the area. Also, significant increases have been detected on clear fine days. Still assessing what it all means.


Technical Details of Live Radon monitor.

Caloundra Central 24 hour Radon Level Chart, (Live Chart)


Information on Radon levels, and why it is of concern.


Equipment used to set up the Caloundra live monitoring Radon station.



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