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Peter Daley

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Gammascout Alert detecting in microsieverts per hour (uSv/hr)

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2015/01/26 at 4:26 pm
Caloundra (Queensland Australia) 26th January 2015 – It was 80% above pre-Fukushima average levels on the 26th January. This put the monitoring station into it’s second alert level. It was a hot, humid, fine day.


Almost to the day, background levels also went into the stations second alert level in,

January 2012



January 2013,


The spread sheet I use, also has a formula set up to calculate average background from 12 midnight to 8 am. The 12 midnight to 8am average on the 26th was greater than the whole day average.

This is very unusual, for these elevated background events to be so precisely cyclical.

The only thing I can think of at present, is a weather related cyclical break through of the equatorial barrier.

I am open to suggestions.

Note: This alert code system here, is not based on any official government alert system. It is one set up by the station operator to indicate significant local increases.


Ukraine Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Plant Accident Cover Up?
by Peter Daley
11 January 2015

The Ukrainian civil war greatly increases the chances of a major nuclear event occurring in Europe! Ukraine has four nuclear power plants operating, and Zaporizhzhya is Ukraine’s and Europe’s largest. A number of independent Internet news sources, provide evidence that a serious nuclear accident occurred at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant, in the Ukraine in late November 2014.

Here is a summary of circumstantial evidence gathered from separate reports.

1. An alleged hacked conversation between two Ukrainian Officials, discussing a very serious and deteriorating situation at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant.

2. Leaked official report of the incident, indicating significant radioactive releases. At present, there is no confirmation that this document is genuine.

3. Romanian report of a Radioactive cloud being present in Romania after a recent nuclear accident in Ukraine.

4. Large Romanian background radiation detections from different Romanian private radiation monitoring stations, occurring around the same time the news reports of problems at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant surfaced.

Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Plant close upAll this circumstantial evidence above is weighted against news reports stating that everything is fine.


Ukraine denies radioactive leak on Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant 30th December 2014


Life News newswire published documents which it said came from Ukraine’s emergencies ministry, and showed that a leak at the power plant had led to a spike in radiation over the past two days, exceeding permitted norms by 16 times.

Three officials from Ukraine’s emergencies ministry, energy ministry and the plant itself told Reuters there had been no leak.


The circumstantial evidence in detail.

The Alleged Conversation Hack

This recent OpEdnews article refers a hacked conversation, that is alleged to have taken place between two Ukrainian officials.

General News 1/2/2015 – Zaporozhye Nuclear Problem may be even Scarier

Conversation Extract from page 3, 4 and 5

Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Plant in Ukraine

Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Plant in Ukraine

Zaporozhye Leaked Accident Conversation-

The following leaked conversation took place during the Zaporozhye incident is between Tyshenko (General Director of Nuclear Power Plant) and Torbayevsky ( Head of Emergency Readiness). The questions this should raise because the information coming to light reflect a possible situation like this are enormous.

November 28th

Tyshenko 8:12 PM- Vasili what the hell is going on over there?

8:24 – Tyshenko – Why aren’t you answering?

8:58 – Torbayevsky – Vacheslav Alexaivich, forgive me for not answering. We have an emergency. The Third Unit shut down. I am already there. Ignatchencho is with me. Krasnogorov is coming.

Tyshenko – fuck! Why the hell didn’t you tell me immediately? Do you understand the danger this will mean for us? We will be thrown in prison, you as well. Leaving now, will be there in hour.

Torbayevsky – Need to contact Chech specialists from Skoda. Its their equipment.

November 29th

Tyshenko and Krasnogorov, head engineer at plant ZGD

20:34 Tyshenko – Fiador, how are things?

Krasnagorov – Things are not good. The casket on the upper unit cannot take the pressure. Seems we screwed around with this improper material long enough.

Tyshenko – Don’t whine. You need to understand that no one asked me about any of it.

Krasnagorov – Even back then I was saying that this is not going to end well. We needed to do testing first. Its not just the caskets that are the problem. Its with the fuel as well.

Tyshenko – I said don’t whine! These are the orders the ministry gave. They warmed their hands on it already (they made their money) and let this fuck them now (let them deal with the fallout).

Krasnagorov – Understood.

December 2nd

7:48 Tyshenko and Stefansky (Assistant Plant manager)

Stefansky – Vacheslav Alexaivich as soon as you left, journalists flooded us. They are hanging out at the security checkpoint. What do I say to them?

Tyshenko 8:01 am – Listen, I am fucking barely able to stay on my feet (tired). Can’t you come up with something? Say that it is an electrical short circuit or some other shit like that, but about the reactor not a word! Blab, and I will turn you inside out (skin you)! Thats it, out, I’m getting a few hours sleep and will be back.

December 2nd

8:53 Tyshenko and Torbayevsky

Torbayevsky – Vacheslav Alexaivich, we have a leak.

Tyshenko – fuck! Where are you?

Torbayevsky – I’m at the station with the personnel, trying to fix it, but its a dead number (no use).

9:31 am Tyshenko – Ok, I called to the top. We need to be quiet now or we’ll be sent to Donbass as volunteers. Do You understand?

Torbayevsky – Understood.

12:17 Tyshenko – Vasili, I’ve been called to Kiev immediately. Figure this out without me.

Torbayevsky – What do we do with the personnel? We need to evacuate people, radiation is off the charts! And locals need to be warned. We already started dumping into the water supply from the cooling system. Very soon we will have a second Chernobyl.

Tyshenko – Don’t panic! We were told to be quiet. We’ll be quiet!

Torbayevsky – Vacheslav Alexaivich! Do you understand we can no longer keep silent? This is a catastrophe! Here in a 100 kilometer radius, nothing will be left alive! fucking sky is already glowing! (inside joke about radiation)

Tyshenko – Listen! I am flying to Kiev. Wait for a call. For now don’t answer any questions and don’t talk to anyone.



Leaked official report

Zero Hedge – Is Ukraine Hiding A Huge Radiation Leak At The Largest Nuclear Power Plant In Europe?


Today, we get information of a leaked report sourced from three different place unconfirmed for now (but RT is trying to verify) that Ukrainian nuclear scientists misled the public and a radioactive leak has been detected citing the country€™s emergency services claiming that levels of radiation are 16.3 times the legally permitted norm.





Romanian report of a Radioactive cloud

Romania borders the Ukraine. This article if translated correctly, presents the possibility of radiation from a Ukrainian nuclear accident being detected around the northern border area of Romania. The northern border area of Romania is where the private Romanian monitoring stations detected large spikes in radiation in late November and December 2014.

Extract: (I used the Google translate service.)


06/12/2014 EVENT INFORMATION USEFUL No comments radioactive

Translation Extract:

From the first data announced by the National Meteorological administration, pollutant cloud will remain in the next 24 hours and northern border of Romania. In the first analysis, before all environmental factors values were within the natural limits. This might change, however, in the following days.



High Romanian background radiation detections

These large spikes in background radiation were recorded in late November, and December 2014, on two different private Romanian monitoring stations, located in northern Romania. They are listed here in chronological order. The first Romanian detection occurred a couple of days before news reports of operational problems at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant surfaced.

First detection

Alert level for Timisoara Romania 26th November 2014 peak 4.48 uSv/hr.

No stations near by to confirm if it is a genuine detection, still could be equipment malfunction or a very localized event. If it is genuine, this is a very large detection.

Here is a screen shot of the chart detection.

Global Radiation Monitoring Network

Second detection

Alert level Carei Northern Romania 27th November 2014.

The alert detection in Timisoara Romania on the 26th and now Carei on the 27th, would appear to be confirmation of a major radioactive release somewhere in Europe in the last couple days. Carei is north of Timisoara in Romania.

More investigation would be needed to try and pinpoint the source, and it may not be from Romania.

Screen Shot:


Third detection

Another Alert level for Timisoara Romania 1st December 2014, peak 2.41 uSv/hr.

Screen Shot:


These detections suggest there have been recent major releases, from a nuclear facility in Europe.

Forth detection

Another significant detection at Timisoara Romania on the 7th December 2014, peak 0.38 uSv/hr.

It is not nearly as large as the other recent detections of 4.8 uSv/hr, 1.81 uSv/hr, 1.17uSv/hr and 2.41 uSv/hr. These were very large free air Gamma detections from two different private Romanian monitoring stations.

Screen Shot:


Yes, there is the possibility that these high detections have nothing to do with the Ukraine Zaporozhye NPP. These detections could also be equipment malfunctions, or be from local sources. I have considered these possibilities. All monitoring systems are subject to malfunctions at times. Two or more monitoring stations in proximity to each other, indicating a significant increase in background levels, are more statistically likely to be an indication of a genuine event.

All this circumstantial evidence points to a serious nuclear accident having occurred at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant in the Ukraine in late November 2014. Nuclear and government officials are renowned for denying any nuclear accident has occurred for as long as they can. They then play down the seriousness of the accident, once they have to admit there has been a nuclear accident. Three Mile Island, Fukushima and Chernobyl Nuclear disasters, are just a few of numerous examples. In my opinion, at this point, it would be wise to keep a close eye on the situation. Civil war and Nuclear power plants are not a good mix!

This is a free resource, listing International radiation monitoring stations. It could provide helpful information in an emergency.


EnergoAtom Ukrainian Nuclear power plant monitoring web site.

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