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Boeing's Meltdown Mess

Boeing’s Meltdown Mess

Consumer Watchdog and a coalition of environmental groups threatened to sue California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control and Department of Public Health over Boeing tearing down radioactive structures at the contaminated Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

EnviroReporter's 2012 Year in Review

EnviroReporter’s 2012 Year in Review

2012 was a banner year for’s in-depth investigations of Fukushima, Rocketdyne, Runkle Canyon, fracking, perchlorate and a host of controversial environmental issues. New Media technology helped propel site’s coverage to new levels of investigative journalism excellence as scandal after scandal are exposed by the multi-award winning news website.

Up a River Without a Cleanup

Up a River Without a Cleanup

The federal EPA and the state’s DTSC abandon the agreement to cleanup SSFL to background levels of contamination. Longtime activists are outraged at repeated public betrayals as the government blows $41.5 million in stimulus money in the process. Boeing’s lobbying power, and its success in turning DTSC into a ‘captured agency’ virtually assures that contamination will continue to gush into the L.A. River, the object of a $2 billion renovation around which L.A.’s master plan is based. December 12 EPA meeting hears calls for investigation of the agency’s misappropriation of millions that were supposed to be the guide for the DTSC cleanup to background. Boeing’s PR flack, and author of its meltdown makeover, Gary Polakovic, shows up at the meeting unchastened and is warmly greeted by astroturf activist John Luker.

Debbie Raphael and Boeing Lobbyist Peter Weiner

Toxic Department

Boeing’s huge lobbying war chest, one of the five highest corporate lobbyist coffers in the country, has turned Cal-EPA’s Department of Toxic Substances Control into a “captured agency” say Rocketdyne activists. Community members say DTSC appeared to fold in a lawsuit brought by Boeing over Santa Susana Field Laboratory, not challenging false statements in litigation. Encouraged by this backpedaling, another SSFL polluter, NASA, tries to back out of cleanup agreement which is greeted with citizen outrage. Boeing plans to leave lethal strontium-90 in its dirt at 430 to 43,000 times background where its astroturf collaborators claim no more cleanup is needed. The amounts of carcinogens that could be left behind will be staggering if Boeing succeeds in selling SSFL as “no significant risk to human health today” as Gary Polakovic’s plan puts it.

Operation Astroturf

Operation Astroturf

Boeing greenwashes the polluted Rocketdyne site above the San Fernando Valley by pushing for and offering to fund an “astroturf” Community Advisory Group (CAG) and, with the help of the Department of Toxic Substances Control, eliminates the long-established SSFL Interagency Work Group. E-mails and interviews detail how Boeing and DTSC put all their support in the CAG petitioner, Christina Walsh, who has threatened, harassed and libeled community members, elected officials and the media. With other astroturf targets like open-space advocate John Luker, friend to Boeing meltdown makeover PR flack Gary Polakovic, the greenwashing of Rocketdyne is nearly complete.

Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds

Rocketdyne’s litany of environmental accidents, spills, meltdowns and disasters has been no impediment to lab owner Boeing’s campaign of self-congratulations over its “open space vision.” obtains exclusive footage of sloppy Boeing demolition work sending clouds of dusty goo into the San Fernando Valley. Intense radiological and chemical contamination carry very real consequences as studies on workers show and tragic stories of sick former employees and community members attest.

Greenwashing Rocketdyne

Greenwashing Rocketdyne

Boeing’s meltdown makeover begins with a media campaign aimed to convince the press and public that the polluted Santa Susana Field Laboratory is clean enough right now for a park. To wipe away memories of decades of meltdowns, chemical and radiation dumping, spilling and burning, a former Los Angeles Times reporter, Gary Polakovic, crafts a plan to sell the “a site with a sordid past to one with potential.” Only problem: the secret plan to snow Southern California media and movers and shakers that Rocketdyne is clean is now revealed by and the Los Angeles Daily News.

Boeing's Meltdown Makeover

Boeing’s Meltdown Makeover exposes Boeing’s meltdown makeover in this five-part expose. Boeing hires a former LA Times writer, Gary Polakovic, to craft a plan selling the contaminated Santa Susana Field Laboratory as clean enough for a park. Thousands of pages of documents, reports, interviews, e-mails, photographs and surveillance video of demolition at the site reveal a vast Boeing meltdown makeover. New information shows the lab more radioactive than ever with a polluter-pliant government subverting its own $41.5 million radiation study.

Will SOPA Nuke the Internet?*

Will SOPA Nuke the Internet?*

Don’t count on being able to access uncensored information about Fukushima, or anything else, if SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act) or its Senate version PIPA (the Protect IP Act) becomes law. A crucial vote on SOPA is January 24 in Washington D.C. which will possibly change the Internet forever.

2 HEPA Filters Aggregate - October 3, 2011

2 HEPA Filters Aggregate – October 3, 2011

After just 53 days of air cleaning at Radiation Station in Santa Monica, California, two HEPA filters’ dust aggregate comes in at a worrisome 216.0% of background higher than normal. Even in drier climes like Southern California, which hasn’t been hit (yet) by jet stream-carried storms suffused with radioactive fallout from the triple Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns in Japan, there is measurable radiation in dust particulates breathed by millions in the Greater Los Angeles area.

3 HEPA Filters - October 3, 2011

3 HEPA Filters – October 3, 2011

While a HEPA filter from Grover Beach, California, registered no additional radiation, two HEPA filters from Radiation Station showed substantial increased radiation over background from dust accumulated in them in the 53 days since they were last checked and cleaned: ~227% and ~222% of normal higher than background.

Radiation Conversation

Radiation Conversation

After thousands of radiation tests and comments, seen by nearly two million viewers, inaugurates Radiation Conversation starting with startling revelations of high levels of radiation in Japanese products in Southern California, including beer, sake and green tea. Also, new evidence of the spread of Fukushima fallout is found at alarming levels at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion indicating airborne radiation’s slow spread across the entire Northern Hemisphere.

Bryce Canyon Radioactive Rain - September 12, 2011

Bryce Canyon Radioactive Rain – September 12, 2011 travels to Bryce Canyon National Park where it detects high radiation from a storm that didn’t originate from the Jet Stream which has been responsible for transporting radioactive fallout from the triple meltdowns at Fukushima, Japan. Rain clocks in at 258% of previous background with the most dangerous radiation, alpha, dominating the reading. Alpha radiation is 60 to 1,000 times more dangerous than beta or gamma radiation.

Grand Canyon Radioactive Rain - September 11, 2011

Grand Canyon Radioactive Rain – September 11, 2011

Ten years to the day after the terrible attacks of September 11, 2011 overlooking the Grand Canyon from the North Rim. It also happened to be the six month anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi multiple meltdowns in Japan. It was evident in the unexpectedly hot rain that was raining down on us coming in at ~207% and ~270% over normal, long after so called radon-daughters were washed out of the electric air.

Springdale, UT Radioactive Rain - September 11, 2011

Springdale, UT Radioactive Rain – September 11, 2011

On a mournful night of thunder and lightning outside of Zion on the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001 yields radioactive rain 204% times normal. The sixth month anniversary of the triple meltdown and spent fuel tanks destruction finds fallout in a freak week of storms south of the Jet Stream which usually is the conduit for the radiation. This alarming spread of radiation throughout the Northern Hemisphere is even more frightening with apparent alpha radiation in the samples collected. Alpha radiation is 60 to 1,000 times more dangerous than either beta or gamma radiation.

HEPA Filters - August 11, 2011

HEPA Filters – August 11, 2011

Ten minute interior averages of HEPA filters’ aggregate from 7/19/11 after 23 days of use. All readings are ABOVE background by a significant amount showing that even in sunny Southern California, spared the hot rains rolling across the country and Canada on the jet stream, that substantial radiation is in the air penetrating structures.

HOT Dogs? - July 23, 2011

HOT Dogs? – July 23, 2011

West LA turkey dogs test 18.7% higher than background giving new meaning to the name hot dog.

HEPA Filter - July 19, 2011

HEPA Filter – July 19, 2011

Only 24 days since last testing and cleaning the Honeywell HEPA filter, the particulate pile still comes in at a whopping 79% over background. This is of special note because the only precipitation at Radiation Station during those three weeks was June Gloom. We’ve picked up heightened radiation in June Gloom precipitate before but the […]

Floor mat - July 7, 2011

Floor mat – July 7, 2011

Interior average of the driver’s side floor mat of Radiation Station’s vehicle is 23.23% higher than previous interior average. This suggests that people are getting radiation onto their floor mats and shoes and then tracking the goo into work and home.

Ionizer Filters - July 6, 2011

Ionizer Filters – July 6, 2011

Testing of ionizer filters shows above average radiation readings.

HEPA Filters - June 26, 2011

HEPA Filters – June 26, 2011

Shocking new evidence of radioactive fallout in Los Angeles with HEPA filters from Santa Monica and Glendale showing significant increases in radiation.

Filter Mask worn LAX to Japan - June 23, 2011

Filter Mask worn LAX to Japan – June 23, 2011

This mask was sent to by a friend of one of our Radiation Nation members.

HEPA Filter - May 13, 2011

HEPA Filter – May 13, 2011

Check out our testing of two Hepa filters’ dust on May 13, 2011. All tests are over background.

Rain - May 9, 2011

Rain – May 9, 2011

I took a ten minute average of a rain sample gathered May 9, 2011. 10:00 pm 10-minute RAIN PRECIPITATE SAMPLE measured inside average: 54.4 CPM. 54.4 – background of 38.2 CPM = 16.2 CPM over background. 16.2/38.2 = 0.424 or 42.4% above background.

KTLA News - March 16, 2011

KTLA News – March 16, 2011

KTLA News breaks the story of Radiation Station and creates special link on the television station’s website to hook people up 24/7 coverage of radiation readings in the Los Angeles Basin. Over 1,279,831 have done just that as of May 17, 2011.