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Boeing's Meltdown Mess

Boeing’s Meltdown Mess

Consumer Watchdog and a coalition of environmental groups threatened to sue State over Boeing illegally tearing down radioactive structures at Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

EnviroReporter's 2012 Year in Review

EnviroReporter’s 2012 Year in Review

2012 was a banner year for’s in-depth investigations of Fukushima, Rocketdyne, Runkle Canyon, fracking, perchlorate and a host of environmental issues.

Up a River Without a Cleanup

Up a River Without a Cleanup

Boeing’s lobbying power, and its success in turning DTSC into a ‘captured agency’ assures that contamination will continue to gush into the L.A. River, object of a $2 billion renovation.

Debbie Raphael and Boeing Lobbyist Peter Weiner

Toxic Department

DTSC called a “captured agency.” Astroturf collaborators claim no more cleanup is needed, guided by greenwashing plan by publicist Gary Polakovic . Contamination discounted.

Operation Astroturf

Operation Astroturf

Boeing greenwashes the polluted Rocketdyne site above the San Fernando Valley by pushing for and offering to fund an “astroturf” Community Advisory Group (CAG) led by Christina Walsh.

Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds

Exclusive footage of sloppy Boeing demolition work sending clouds of dust into the San Fernando Valley from polluted part of lab down into Happy Valley above Dayton Canyon.

Greenwashing Rocketdyne

Greenwashing Rocketdyne

Boeing’s meltdown makeover begins with former Los Angeles Times reporter Gary Polakovic’s plan to sell lab as “a site with a sordid past to one with potential.”

Boeing's Meltdown Makeover

Boeing’s Meltdown Makeover

Five-part exposé. Thousands of pages of documents, reports, interviews, e-mails, photographs and surveillance video of demolition at the site reveal a vast Boeing meltdown makeover.

Will SOPA Nuke the Internet?*

Will SOPA Nuke the Internet?*

Don’t count on being able to access uncensored information about Fukushima, or anything else, if SOPA or its Senate version PIPA (the Protect IP Act) becomes law.

2 HEPA Filters Aggregate - October 3, 2011

2 HEPA Filters Aggregate – October 3, 2011

After just 53 days of air cleaning at Radiation Station in Santa Monica, California, two HEPA filters’ dust aggregate comes in at a worrisome 216.0% of background higher than normal.

3 HEPA Filters - October 3, 2011

3 HEPA Filters – October 3, 2011

While a HEPA filter from Grover Beach, California, registered no additional radiation, two HEPA filters from Radiation Station showed substantial increased radiation over background from dust accumulated in them in the 53 days since they were last checked and cleaned: ~227% and ~222% of normal higher than background.

Radiation Conversation

Radiation Conversation inaugurates Radiation Conversation starting with startling revelations of high levels of radiation in Japanese products in Southern California, including beer, sake and green tea.

HEPA Filters - August 11, 2011

HEPA Filters – August 11, 2011

HEPA filters’ aggregate from July 29, 2011 after 23 days of use are above background by a significant amount showing substantial radiation is in the air penetrating structures.

HOT Dogs? - July 23, 2011

HOT Dogs? – July 23, 2011

West Los Angeles-bought turkey dogs test 18.7% higher than background giving new meaning to hot dog. This is why we test all the food we buy and share our results in Eat Me!

HEPA Filter - July 19, 2011

HEPA Filter – July 19, 2011

Only 24 days since last testing and particulate pile still comes in at a whopping 79% over background. Suggests atomic particles may not need rain, fog or snow to infuse air with radiation.