Year: 2009 Runkle Canyon Comments Runkle Canyon Comments

KB Home gave DTSC 41 environmental reports on Runkle Canyon and analyzed each one and presented its 28 pages of findings to DTSC in July 2008.

From Hell to Eternity - Tsar Bomb H-Bomb

Stalin Must Be Smiling

Sixty years ago today, Soviet Union detonated their first atomic weapon, “Joe-1” which was size of “Fat Man” that America dropped on Nagasaki killing 80,000 people.

The Aerospace Runkle Canyon Comments

The Aerospace Runkle Canyon Comments

D’Lanie Blaze questions Dade Moeller lab retesting Runkle Canyon for strontium-90 saying that Dade Moeller himself discounted any radiation danger because “we’ll soon have a cure for cancer.”

ACME Runkle Canyon Comments

ACME Runkle Canyon Comments

Aerospace Cancer Museum of Education’s founder and director Bill Bowling says that the Runkle Canyon cleanup plan is inadequate and doesn’t address toxic trichlorethylene being found on the property.

Children of the Atomic Bomb

Children of the Atomic Bomb

Dr. James Yamazaki, 93, speaks at Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles about the human toll of nuclear warfare and specific vulnerability of children.

April 2014 - Aerial photo shows Runkle Canyon grading center right and radiation-contaminated Area IV of SSFL lower left - William Preston Bowling

Railroading Runkle Canyon?

Radiation Rangers ask why the cleanup plan for Runkle Canyon is being railroaded by government and developer without public input, ignoring even City of Simi Valley heavy metals report.

Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind

Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind

DTSC’s Cypress office informed EnviroReporter that it had amended its Aerojet Chino Hills website to accurately reflect where the polluted 800-acre facility is located. It failed.

Coup de Goo

Coup de Goo

Department of Toxic Substances Control replaces Rocketdyne and Runkle Canyon’s cleanup project manager Norm E. Riley criticized by the Radiation Rangers as a developer dupe.

Radiation Rangers Runkle Canyon Comments

Radiation Rangers Runkle Canyon Comments

“I sometimes wonder if we’re talking about the same place,” says the Reverend John Southwick of the Radiation Rangers. “The department missed the most important stuff.”

Road to Rocketdyne heads up out of Runkle Canyon in the Simi Hills

Runkle and the Rule of Law

“What is the purpose of us going to all that work trying to get to the bottom of this if it’s going to be ignored?” said one of the Runkle Canyon Radiation Rangers. “This is serious business. readers do not duck and cover.

Who Are These People?

Some of these folks are sparkling writers like Joan Trossman Bien, D’Lanie Blaze, and Margery Brown. Others are devoted activists Bill Bowling, people who are make a difference.

Corporate Pointe at West Hills is in Councilman Greig Smith's LA district.

“Your journalistic practices”

“Dear Mr. Collins – without getting into the content of your story, I’d like to point out to you that your quote from Ms. Winger on our staff was so badly twisted out of context that it is utterly meaningless.”

The BLU-49 was a ring-tailed anti-personnel fragmentation bomblet.

Bombs Away at Aerojet Chino Hills

Aerojet and Weston have done a good job finding 52 “munitions and explosives of concern” across a 39-acre area of the 800-acre facility, along with 70 pounds of munitions debris.

This man says NO to the horrors of nuclear war.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Commemoration

Los Angeles Area Disarmament Coalition holds commemoration of 64th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The event includes “mindful walk” to City Hall.

Atomics International "Hot Lab" in 1962 on property now called Corporate Pointe at West Hills.

Eating Trammell Crow?

The property will not need an EIR which would have, among many other things, determined the condition of the sewer system under Corporate Pointe at West Hills.

Vapor or plastic? Sage Ranch toxic soil was carefully handled


Why Boeing would mischaracterize the number of trucks going down into the San Fernando Valley and not volunteer to have environmental protections during this clean up?