Runkle water bubbles on Simi resident Terry Matheney's gloves after the May 18, 2007 Pat-Chem sampling.
Runkle water bubbles on Simi resident Terry Matheney

The City of Simi Valley tested Runkle Canyon water and soil for arsenic on July 2 after the Radiation Rangers’ tests showed high levels of arsenic. (See “Bubble Trouble.”) 

The full Pat-Chem lab residents’ report was released July 6, adding 15 pages of non-detects for other chemicals to the two previously released pertinent pages. has addressed media and city official comments as well as the “melting” glove in its Pat-Chem Report and Analysis. has analyzed high arsenic at Rocketdyne and reveals faults that lead from the lab into Runkle Canyon [now called Arroyo Heights at the Woodlands] which could explain its high arsenic levels. In addition, has analyzed the criminal investigation of a former CEO and KB Home’s development that was built on a U.S. Navy practice bombing range with unexploded bombs.

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